Peacocks Dance On Mumbai Streets In Lockdown – Earth Is Not Owned By Humans Only

Hanima Anand |Apr 03, 2020

The photos and video of peacocks dancing on Mumbai streets dawn on many people that human is not the only creature residing on Earth. Clearly we need to share more our space with the wildlife as well!

We have heard of stories wildlife in Italy is coming back to big cities when the entire nation is on lockdown. But now, we can witness it right in Mumbai. Just yesterday, photos of peacocks dancing on Mumbai streets quickly went viral as it is a very rare sight with the presence of humans.

Peacock Spotted In Mumbai
It's a long time since I last saw a peacock on Mumbai street.

Actually, since the lockdown order came into effect on March 25, many kinds of birds and animals which were not seen before have been spotted across the streets.

Peacocks Dance On Street
These beautiful animals are now strutting around once-human places.

However, these photos and videos of these peacocks dancing are truly touching, captured by photographer Manav Manglani on empty streets of Maximum city.

The videos were uploaded on Instagram with caption below!

“Full bloom. The peacocks are out and dancing on the empty streets of #Mumbai”

The peacocks acted freely just as in their natural habitats. In the photos, they were seen perching on cars.

Peacocks Dance On Mumbai Streets
They are brought back to their natural instinct, no fear of humans!

While humans are crying for the pandemic, Mother Nature, to some extent, is smiling for what it can heal. Last week, we reported how ozone layer can heal thanks to lockdown orders around the world.

Peacock Dancing
Let's hope we will see this often in our places!

Air pollution is also reduced significantly in such countries as China, US and India.

Peacock On Indian Street
Why can't humans co-exist with wildlife in peace?

This coronavirus outbreak is, in our opinion, a warning and a plea from the nature towards human beings. It reminds us to behave more gently and act rightly to protect our environment.

Peacock Dancing On Street
Next time if you see this guy, say hi!

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