When Humans Stay Home, Earth Is Healing Itself. See Pics Of Ozone Layer Recovery!

Hanima Anand |Mar 26, 2020

The picture shows a significant recovery of ozone layer above Antarctica when millions of people are staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic.

As you know, the ozone layer has been damaged badly due to the arbitrary release of ODS (ozone depleting substances) in the past. This activity was stopped by an agreement named Montreal Protocol in 1987 in an attempt to save the Earth and limit negative climate changes in the world, particularly Southern Hemisphere.

Ozone Hole Comparison
The comparison of ozone layer throughout the years

For your information, the ozone depletion is the reason why jet streams flow further south which cause apparent changes in rainfall patterns and ocean currents. It is also a factor behind the so-called global warming, resulting in more unpredictable natural disasters.

It’s believed the protocol could help better the situation. However, with the increasing activities of industrialization and transportation, the air is polluted and ozone layer doesn’t have enough chances to heal itself.

The rise in carbon dioxide emission from travelling and manufacturing activities has paused the effectiveness of Montreal Protocol and this problem can’t be solved in a few days when the world population doesn’t show signs to stop. Wherever humans exist, the needs for transport and goods production remain.

Ozone Layer Recovery
The ozone hole shrinks visibly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Then comes the coronavirus pandemic which forces parts of the world to stay inside. No car, no motorbike and no plane. A number of factories pause working, offices move to home and the greenhouse gas emission is clearly reduced.

During this period when people stay inside for self quarantine or even the entire country is under lockdown, scientists found a significant recovery on the ozone layer above Antarctica region. It is healing itself to create a positive wind movement on the global scale.

Italy Air Pollution After Lockdown
Even the air pollution rate is reduced in countries under lockdown.

Scientists believe that if the ozone layer continues its recovery, rainfall patterns may be back to normal and we can even reverse some damages the human beings caused to the Mother Nature.

That is to say, we people can totally save the Earth with our awareness and practical actions. Limit your carbon footprint or CO2 emissions by taking public transport and using eco-friendly products.

Italy Lockdown
Wildlife returns to Italy when people stay inside.

Together, we save our environment!

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