Greatest Weakness You Truly Hate About Yourself, Based On Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 05, 2019

Your zodiac sign can tell you what you dislike most about yourself. Once you figure it out, try to work on it for a better life.

Some know what exactly they hate about themselves, but others find it difficult to pinpoint one thing that they wish to change. Once you figure it out, you can work on it or learn how to love yourself more. Here's what you genuinely dislike about yourself, based on your zodiac sign.


Hate Zodiac Sign
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As a real fire sign, you hate your impulsiveness because it does not allow you to think carefully. Once you set your mind to something, you try to get it no matter what. As a result, you are likely to make wrong decisions and always regret them later.


Hate Zodiac Sign 1
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You cannot help but holding grudges and dwelling on things, though you tell yourself to stop doing it so many times. You hate the way you cannot let go of your past. Many others find it easy to move on with their future, but you sit there thinking about yesterday.


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Being an overthinking air sign, you despise how you cannot come up with simple decisions like others. You always change your mind between this and that, and never know which one you are going to get. Many people think that dealing with you means dealing with two different people.


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Some people do not like you because of your emotional outbursts. You also hate yourself for being too sensitive in life. You want to stop caring and overthinking. You also dislike the way you easily let your tears fall, which makes you seem weak and helpless.


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You hate how you always end up being bossy more than what you have expected. You control people around you, interfering in what others are doing and expecting obedience from them. Being a true leader, you want to have things done right at the first go.


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You always strive for perfection. You want to do everything by yourself because you want to maintain perfect ideals. You cannot let other people help you, finding it impossible to give up control. Eventually, your life becomes tough, and you dislike that fact.

To be continued ...


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