Mom Finds Way To Escape The Nightmare Of Babysitting Her Children All Day With A Creative Idea

Leela Adwani |Mar 02, 2021

A single mom-of-three, Lisa Barnett has come up with an extraordinary idea to keep her children entertained during the pandemic.

Lockdown has turned out to be a nightmare for most parents who have kids. When you stay at home, so do your children, your home easily becomes a big mess.

Spy Obstacle Course
Here is how the British mom keeps her children entertained at home.

A single mom-of-three named Lisa Barnett living in Lincolnshire, the UK has come up with an extraordinary idea to keep her children entertained during the pandemic.

Her struggles to keep four kids entertained

Avoid The Balloons On This Obstacle
Kids have to avoid such ballons to win this obstacle.

She is a mother to Kyle (21), Georgia (18), and the last-born kid, Harry (10). Having a quiet moment and a private space for herself while all of her kids are at home is rare. Other than those three children, she also cared for her niece who is four years old as her parents are occupied with work.

The Tunnel Of Darkness
Then they go through the dark tunnel.

How to save her from the little “monsters”

Like Real Spy Lasers
It's like the real spy lasers and the kids have to pass this challenge to move to the next step.

Too tired with the kids at home, she still wanted to keep their kids stimulated and active while indoors. After completing a DIY course that she stumbled across on social media, Lisa decided to create a playground right in her house to surprise her children and her niece.

Jump On The Numbers To Input Their Code
It also requires intelligence as kids have to jump on the numbers in order to input the code.

She shared,

‘I set up laser lights on the staircase. I used wool and Sellotape along the walls, they thought this was great fun. They climbed their way through and came to the dark tunnel which was a table with a quilt cover over it.”

Instructions Stuck Around The House
The instructions are stuck around the house to give the "players" the guideline.
Top Secret Prize
The surprising prize is put in the washing machine.

She took to her Facebook account to share pictures about her proud project. As soon as it emerged online, the post quickly went viral. Facebookers praised her for this extremely clever idea.

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