10 Easy And Engaging 1-Minute Games For Kids To Play During Lockdown

Salena Harshini |Apr 17, 2020

These easy 1-minute games not only require simple everyday items but also boost your kids' creativity, flexibility during the lockdown days.

If you are a parent who is dealing with a bunch of energetic kids especially when the lockdown is still on hold, you will need ways to engage and connect with them. As kids tend to be distracted and bored soon, games that last over an hour may not keep their attention very well. What you need are quick and easy games that are easy to organize and still entertaining. So, we have rounded off for you a list of 1 minute games that you can guide your children to play, or for you to play with your children.

Simple And Easy 1 Minute Games For Kids During Lockdown

With only a little space, a few daily items, and one minute and you can start the most fun games at home.

1. Blindfold feeding

Your kids are hungry? Here is a fun game that they might enjoy.

Game Blindfold
Hungry? This game will help your kid

You will need: Blindfolds, a bowl of yogurt, soup, or mashed fruit

How to play:

  • Make pairs and in each pair, one partner will be blindfolded.
  • Sit facing each other.
  • The one who is blindfolded has to try to feed the other from the bowl. The partner who is fed can give instructions to their partner.

At the end of the game, either you or your kid will have a tummy or face full of food.

2. Paper toss

If you cannot play basketball these days, try tossing paper instead.

Game Paper Toss
Tosing paper can be fun too

You will need: Crumpled paper balls made from used paper, bins or bowls, timer

How to play:

  • Crumple the paper sheets into balls.
  • Set the timer to 1 minute. The players will throw as many paper balls as possible into their  respective bin or the bowl in one minute.
  • Who gets most paper balls inside their basket wins.

3. Pong scoop

For this game, kids will not use hands but their teeth to shift ping pong balls from a plate to another.

Game Pong Scoop
Pong scoop

You will need: plastic spoons, two trays, ping pong balls to your favored number

How to play:

  • Place two trays apart from each other and put ping pong balls into one plate.
  • Give each kid a plastic spoon and set the timer to 1 minute.
  • The kid will have to hole the spoon in their mouth and try to pick up one ping pong ball at a time and shift it from this plate to that plate.
  • The person who moves most balls in one minute wins.

What is the catch? Their hands should NOT be involved at all.

4. Defy gravity

Of course, we can’t defy gravity, but we can keep some balloons off the ground. The game is also suitable for children aged 6 or less.

Defy Gravity
This is one of the most common and fun 1 minute games

You will need: Timer, full-blown balloons, play space

How to play:

  • Have the balloons blown to the watermelon size.
  • Let the kids gather in a wide room or one side of it, each holds a balloon.
  • As the timer starts, the children will throw the balloons in the air and hit them with hands to keep them in the air.
  • They have to keep hitting their balloons while the timer is on and must not let them touch the ground.
  • The player who drops the balloon loses.

5. Suck it up

The game includes a lot of fun can candy.

Game Suck It Up
Hold the candy on the straw by sucking

You will need: drinking straws, solid candy, two plates

How to play:

  • Pour the candy in one tray and leave the remaining tray empty.
  • Every kid gets a drinking straw which they will use to move the sweets from one plate to another.
  • On the “go”, the kid has to suck the candy and hold it on the straw’s one end and transfer it to the other plate.
  • One who can shift the most candies wins.

Reminder: Make sure the candy is bigger than the straw to prevent choking.

6. Cookie face

This is another game that does not let you use your hands. In cookie face, you play the game and you can eat the cookies as well.

Cookie Face
One of the 1 minute games that require a lot of face muscles

You will need: Any kind of cookie you like or have at home

How to play:

This is a simple game, just move the cookie to your mouth by your facial muscles.

  • Make the kid stand with their chin up, face up in the ceiling.
  • Place the cookie on their forehead.
  • Totally no using hands, move the cookie from the forehead to mouth and eat it. Don’t drop it on the ground!

It sounds easy but it’s not, we guarantee. And that’s what makes the game fun.

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7. Post it all

One more of the most fun 1 minute games also involves quite a lot of silliness.

Game Post
Shrugging off the notes would create quite a scene

You will need: Timer, post-it notes

How to play:

  • Stick the notes on the kid’s whole body, from face to chest, anywhere.
  • On “go”, the kids will shake their body to remove the notes. Of course, they can’t use their hands.
  • Who manages to get rid of the most notes wins.

The fun part is when there are the notes left on hard-to-touch body parts like face alike.

8. Spaghetti words

Spaghetti is delicious when it is cooked meat, tomatoes and veggies. And when uncooked, it can be used as an amazing prop for 1 minute games called spaghetti words.

Game Pasta 1
Shape the pasta into words

You will need: One pack or two of spaghetti, a flat surface such as a table

How to play:

  • Divide the children into teams or make you and the kids the opponents.
  • Each team will get a handful of uncooked spaghetti along with a list of words.
  • Ask the players to spell the words by putting the spaghetti together on the table.
  • In one minute, the team with the biggest number of complete words wins.

9. Marshmallow and toothpick structures

Have some toothpicks, marshmallows and a whole heap of bored kids at home? Take a look at one among the easiest 1 minute games for kids.

Game Marshmallow
Boost your kid's creativity with this little game

You will need: A pack of marshmallows, toothpicks

How to play:

  • Divide the children into separate groups and hand them a bunch of toothpicks and marshmallows
  • Set the clock to one minute, and the kids need to make a structure which pops up in their mind with the marshmallows and the toothpicks.

10. Pong tac toe

This one is tricky yet very fun. It is an ideal tic tac toe variant which can also be played by older kids or teens.

Game Pong Tac Toe
Pong Tac Toe

You will need: 2 sets of 9 ping pong balls with two different colors (18 balls in total), 9 drinking cups

How to play:

  • Set up the 9 drinking cups on the table in the 3×3 grid form.
  • Attach the cups to the surface with sticky tapes and fill them with water.
  • Each kid will have a ping pong ball set and stand at least 4 feet away from the table.
  • The kids will throw the balls in the cups within one minute.
  • The player getting three balls in a column or row, as in tic tac toe, is the winner.

Playing these 1 minute games as they are or try making them more challenging can both make sure you to have a better time with the kids. Since they do not last for more than a min, the children won't get bored. Additionally, you can attempt more games in less time, which is a great deal more fun than only a couple of long ones.

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