Love’s Hard To Keep, So You Should Do These Things To Have A Long-Lasting One

Kimmy Karima |Sep 03, 2019

It seems that love is getting harder to keep these days. People click fast and break up faster. So if you want to keep your love alive, for a long time at least, read on to know what to do.

These days you may hear about the break-ups and separations more than ever before. Now it seems that couples can’t keep their romantic stories for over a year or two.

Relationships tumble and crumble, among celebs and among every couple you know. Why? Why is it so hard to keep love in this era of connections? Why are relationships falling instead of rising?

Now along with the causes, we’ll provide you with the things you should do to have a stable and durable love.

Don’t overshare about your love life

Oversharing about your love life may annoy your partner.

Of course, you want to post all the sweet couple photos and stories on every social media platform. You have a good reason for that: Because you’re so in love, right? But no matter how proud you are of your love life, you should consider your partner’s sense of privacy too.

Does it annoy him/her when everyone can look into your romance like that? Lacking privacy is actually one of the biggest disturbances in a relationship. So please remember, some things are best kept between you and your lover only.

Get to know yourself really well

Know yourself before trying to get to know someone else.

In this extremely busy world, people don’t tend to spend much time trying to understand themselves. The best they can do is trying to understand their partners, mostly via texts and social media posts. While in fact, you should know yourself really well before you start any relationships if you want to have a healthy and stable one.

Because if you don’t know what you look for in a partner, how do you know that someone’s right for you? So, take time to look deep into your heart and soul first, then you will have a better chance of finding the one and having a smooth love life.

Prioritize your love over your phone

Technology may tear relationships apart.

Have you ever noticed that at the present time, people are holding and looking at their phones (or tablets) for most of their waking time? Some couples even go to the extremes and communicate by texting each other or posting a status tagging each other’s name, all while they’re in the same room!

The overuse of phones and tablets creates and broadens the gaps between lovers and they gradually fall apart without even knowing why. So, to keep your flame burning, prioritize time for love without any smart devices.

Talking, asking each other about the day, playing board games, reading together etc. All these activities will deepen your bond in the way technology can’t.

Don’t set your standards too high

You can’t keep up with every photo and story on social networks.

Now when everyone’s life is just a touch (on the phone) away, it’s easy for us to compare our love life to others’ and have unrealistic expectations from our partners. Even though we may have known that what others post on social platforms are just their filtered life.

When you always compare and set your standards according to what you see online, even to the celebrities’ stories, you'll become really impractical and your love life is going to suffer. So, forget the Facebook posts and the Instagram photos, and enjoy what love brings to yourself instead. You’ll be more likely to have a real relationship this way.

Be grateful

Be thankful for every little thing.

The modern time of instant gratification leads to a tiring way of living and loving. People get fed up with each other quickly, right when their demands or desires are not met. So both sides in a relationship may feel underappreciated and uncared-for.

Love gradually fades away and lovers gradually drift away from each other. To not reach that point, you should notice and be grateful for every small good deed your lover does, and every little sweet thing your love brings.

Gratitude can always make a difference in your love as well as your life in general.


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