50 Indian Girls Name Starting With 'S' Bound To Bring Wealth, Luck & Success To Your Daughter’s Life

Leela Adwani |Apr 30, 2020

The list of Indian girls name starting with s that we've compiled will help you choose one or at least narrow down the list to a favorite choice. Check out!

It goes without saying that the relationship between parents and their children has been by far one of the hottest topics among media, the general public, and even scholars. Some even say that parents are happier than nonparents as they consider children true gifts from God. Kids are always filled with love, joy, innocence, and bring laughter for the whole family. Such simple things might lose sight of when they enter adulthood, yes, sad but true, isn’t it? From the moment the mother knows she is expecting to when she gives birth to her newborn baby, one of the most asked questions is about choosing a great name for your daughter.

Indian Girls Name Starting With S 2
Naming our kid is a fun but sometimes stressful experience for many

If you are in search of the ideas for Indian girls name starting with s, you are in the right place. Naming our kids is a big responsibility as it will stick to them for the rest of their life. Even though it’s hands down fun and special experience to a certain extent, it can turn out to be so stressful, too. Naming your baby is one of the first and foremost decisions that you will make under a new title, parent.

Indian Girls Name Starting With S
There are a lot of beautiful names starting with letter S

Once you find a perfect name for your girl, you probably hope to incorporate the special meanings and honor your family or cultural tradition or simply find a name that is unique. Whatever your approach, there are a plethora of name suggestions for your baby girl. Depends on your liking, all of them will help you choose one or at least narrow down the list to a favorite choice. Simply, searching the name for your infant is also a great and ‘satisfying’ experience as you can let yourself freely imagine your child’s personalities in the future according to the meanings of the name.

Indian Girls Name Starting With S 3
daughter is like a treasure

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Saachee or Saachi grace, beloved, truth, companion, following.
Saatvika Calm
Saadhaka Magical, aspirant, seeker, proficient
Saadhika Achiever, proficient, pious, Goddess Durga
Saagkina Passionate, Fiery
Saahanya Long life
Saakshee Evidence, witness
Samanta Bordering, equality, name of a Raga
Saamuthriya Wealth, success, prosperity
Saanjh Evening
Saanmolli A person who speaks limitedly, quiet one
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi, a person who will be followed by many
Saara Noble lady, princess, pure, excellent, precious, sweet-smelling
Saarangi Doe, musical instrument, distinguished
Saarusha A person you can lean on
Saavi The sun, Goddess Lakshmi
Samridha Happy and wealthy
Samrithi Memory, remembrance, wisdom
Samaya Timeless
Sajili Beloved
Samira A chameli flower
Sana Radiance, brilliance
Santosh Happiness, Satisfaction, Joy
Sanyukta United and Joined
Sara or Sarah Princess
Sarakshi Good sight
Sarasvati A holy river
Sarama The Wife of Bibhisan
Saraswati Goddess of learning
Sarita A river
Saroj, Saroja, Sarojini Lotus
Sathya Truth
Savitri A form of the Devi
Seema Boundary, border
Shailja The daughter of the mountain
Saniya First ray of the sun, born on Saturday, eminent, distinguished
Sanjana Gentle, in harmony, creator
Sanjeeta or Sanjeetha Flute, triumphant
Sanjoli Period of twilight
Sanjyoti The light of the sun
Sanobar A pine tree

Bollywood actresses’ names starting with S

Celebrity-inspired baby name is also a way that many parents choose to follow. Yes, it’s not far off the mark to say Bollywood actresses whose names start with S are some of the most beautiful stars in the film industry.

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha means ‘Faith and trust’ and is also the name of a much-loved actress in Bollywood, Shraddha Kapoor. 1987-born is loved for her angel-like face, down-to-earth manner, and excellent acting chops. The actress is also one of a few celebrities in the entertainment world with a zero-scandal record. She starred in several blockbusters and the latest one Chhichhore which soon turned out to be box office hit of the year 2019. If you want her baby girl to become a gorgeous and intelligent but very sweet lady like Shraddha Kapoor, you should consider her name for your baby.

Indian Girls Name Starting With S Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor is a true talent of the film industry

Sonam Kapoor

The fact is that the name Sonam is fortunate and gifted one. In an interaction with media, Sonam Kapoor also explained the meaning behind her name that it means luck. If you love Sonam and wish your kid to be successful like Sonam Kapoor, it’s also one of the Indian girls name starting with s. Sonam is no stranger to stardom and one of the most-followed celebs on social media. She is a straightforward and open-minded person, not just this the actress is also touted as a fashionista of B-town. Such a good idea for your baby girl’s name, isn’t it?

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam is touted as a fashionista of the industry

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Shilpa Shetty

It’s an overstatement to say Bollywood celebs who have the name starting with the letter S are all stunning, gorgeous, and talented. Shilpa means statue, sculpture, and work of art, and Shilpa Shetty is considered a role model of many millennials. Making her debut in the film industry at a very young age, Shilpa Shetty truly made it big in the very competitive showbiz.

Do you want your daughter will also become a stunner of Bollywood like Shilpa Shetty?

Sara Ali Khan

Sara is also suggested in the list of Indian girls name starting with s we’ve compiled above. Sara means princess and yes, we truly have a princess in the film industry. Sara is a newbie in Bollywood but she has enjoyed the limelight since she was a kid. Sara is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan, along with sister Soha Ali Khan who are the last children of the last Nawab of Pataudi. Sara is a princess in real life and there are no two ways about it.

Sara Ali Khan
Sara is a real princess

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan is also a princess of the Pataudies. She has a family that is enough to make everyone get jealous. Great fashion sense, fancy lifestyle, free-minded spirit, if you want your daughter to live her life to the fullest like this actress, Soha is also a good idea for the baby’s name.

Indian Girls Name Starting With S 4
Soha Ali Khan her supercute toddler

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We hope you can finally choose a name for your daughter from our Indian girls name starting with s list. We hope your baby angel will have a good life with a lot of lucks.


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