50 Indian Boy Names In American Style To Give Your Son An Auspicious Start

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 28, 2020

If you're an expecting mom or dad and looking for Indian boy names American suggestions, take into consideration of the above cross-cultured name to give your kid's life a smoother and delightful start!

Picking a name for your baby is already hard, but it’s even harder when it comes to a cross-culture name. If your baby is Indian and Western mixed or you’re living abroad in the US or other English native speaking country, you will need to get your son a special name which is not only meaningful, unique but also easy to pronounce in both cultures.

If that's what you concern, check out the best Indian boy names American style which are both trending and global enough to go well with Indian and other cultures.

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Choosing a name for your baby is never easy, it's even challenging in a multinational situation.

Top 50 Hindi-American names for boys

Like we said earlier, the very first criteria you should bear in mind while choosing an Indian boy name which fits with American style is the pronunciation. American people are so lazy in pronouncing the British English that they simplify a lot of vowels and consonants with their own way of speaking.

If you want your son to be welcome friendly by his American friends, don't ever think of a lengthy name which is hard to read correctly.

  • Amar: immortal
  • Ayaan: luck and fortune
  • Aran: righteous or Forrest
  • Arun: bright and splendid sun
  • Arya: notable
  • Cole:  the prince of red roses
  • Daman: the one who take controls
  • Devan:  king and god
  • Edi: herb
  • Edhas: happiness and fortune
  • Elil: handsome
  • Ettan: breath
  • Gagan: sky
  • Jai/Jay: success and victory
  • Jash: victory
  • Hari (Harry): one of God Shiva’s names, refers to sun and light
  • Kalyan (Kal): welfare
  • Kirin: praiser and poet
  • Kamran: the winner
  • Kamal: perfection and lotus
  • Kanan: forest
  • Krishna (Kris): name of Lord Krishna, dark or black
  • Milan: companion
  • Niam: being blessed by God
  • Naveen: pleasant, new and fresh
  • Neel: passion and blue
  • Nihal: gratified
  • Lal: a beloved and deer person
  • Raman: a pleasing person
  • Ravi: kind-hearted
  • Rahul: conqueror, tamer
  • Rohan: ascending
  • Samir (Sam): union
  • Oril: king
  • Orion: prince of fire
  • Taj: crown
  • Tavish: heaven
  • Tanish: ambition
  • Rahi: a traveler
  • Sanjay: strong and successful
  • Shaan: peaceful and pride
  • Sahay: helpful
  • Zayn: beautiful and bright
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There are some questions you need to ask before getting your baby an Indian-American name

How to choose Indian boy names that work well in America

As the impact of a person's name on their life is much bigger than you might be aware of, picking your baby a name is the first important thing you can give your baby. You even need to be more careful and thoughtful when your baby is mixed-race as a name that is popular in one language might sound weird or hard to remember in another.

When it comes to picking a cross-culture name for you baby boy, the parent should take a moment to answer the following question:

1. Is it hard to pronounce in Indian or American?

The answer should be yes to both languages so it will be easy for most of your child’s teachers, peers, and employers to remember and pronounce his name. 

2. Does it sound like an Anglo name? (Or its shortened name does?)

No matter what your religion is, an Anglo name will prevent your kid from tons of problems relating to his name as it is easier to repeat and to remember.

3. Is there any negative meaning of the name?

Your kid may find his name embarrassing if his name refers to something negative or ridiculous. A name that sounds similar to a body part is a big no! 

4. Does it have a meaning?

As you might try to stick with an Anglo one, don’t forget that the Indian boy names American style you pick for your baby should convey some meaning. As a cross-culture name, it should relate to the significant history and cultures.

If you're an expecting mom or dad and looking for Indian boy names American suggestions, take into consideration of the above cross-cultured name to give your kid's life a smoother and delightful start!

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