100 Most Unique Indian Boy Names For Babies In 2020

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 27, 2020

If you’re expecting a baby boy but have no idea what the best names for an Indian boy are, here is the full list of 200 most beautiful and meaningful most Indian boy names for babies in 2020. 

person’s name is one of the most important words to him or her as it is the first and greatest bridge that connects them to other people. Apart from gaining attraction, a beautiful and unique name that conveys a meaningful message also influences a person’s life in a positive way. If you’re expecting a baby boy but have no idea what the best names for an Indian boy are, here is the full list of 80 most beautiful and meaningful Indian boy names for your baby in 2020.

Before getting overwhelmed with hundreds of beautiful Indian boy names, keep in mind some criteria to get your baby the best one.

Firstly, you need to put it together with your surname to make sure it sounds well. In addition to that, even when it’s a cute and adorable name, ask yourself if it’s still appropriate when your baby is all grown up.  Your partner's opinion is also important so make sure that he or she loves it too. It's best if you share this with them and discuss together!

Indian Boy Names 1
Getting your baby boy a beautiful and meaningful name is very important

Check out the most unique and modern names for Indian boys in 2020. We pick here the favourite names of most people today!

Indian boy names starting with A

Among all the letters, A always has a special meaning to many, not because it comes first in the alphabet but names with letter A are often associated with luck and admiring characters. You can see a lot of celebrities whose names start with A such as Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, or Anil Kapoor. These men are all loved, respected by Indian people while their talents are undeniable.

Below are some meaningful Indian boy names starting with A we have collected!

  • Aadrik: the shining sun
  • Aadi: perfect, adorable
  • Avik: unique
  • Aakash: clear blue sky
  • Aahan: sunrise, dawn
  • Aarav: wisdom and peaceful man
  • Aarnik: a unique and noticeable man
  • Abhay: a bold and brave man
  • Abhinav: intelligent and clever
  • Anshul: bright and gorgeous sunbeam
  • Aayush: a long-lived person
  • Abeer: strong and powerful
  • Azad: independent, free

Indian boy names starting with K

Another letter which is also searched frequently for Indian boy names is K. Similar to A, names with K are believed to have good traits that will bring success to their owners. K is not just bound to Indian celebrities but international stars love names with K as well. Kayne West, Keanu Reeves, or Kobe Bryant are obvious examples.

Take a look at Indian boy names starting with K and their meanings as follow!

  • Karan: a talented and intelligent person
  • Kiyansh: a person who is blessed with good qualities
  • Krish: the modern version of Lord Krishna’s name, refers to his charm, wisdom and intelligent
  • Kushal: perfect and smart
  • Kiaan: the grace of God
  • Kunal: the one who channels the beauty out of everything
  • Kush: holy grass
  • Kailash: mountain, strength
  • Kamesh: Lord of Love
  • Kirtan: song of praise, hinting success
  • Kripal: compassionate
  • Kovidh: wisdom
Indian Boy Names 2020
You can take inspiration from celebs when picking the best one among Indian boy names

Indian boy names starting with M

Next come Indian boy names starting with letter M. Boy names with M may not sound as strong and solid as others, but they are blessed with love and respect from others.

If you wish your son to grow up to a professor or an intellect in general, a name with M is highly recommended also.

  • Madhavan: one of Lord Shiva's names
  • Manish: the God of mind
  • Manoj: affection or love
  • Manvik: a kind and warm-hearted man
  • Mayank: serene and peaceful like the moon
  • Mayukh: splendid and brilliance
  • Mohan: a mesmerizing man who is smart and handsome
  • Manbir: brave and courageous
  • Maanav: youth
  • Mudit: happiness, satisfaction
  • Mahit: son of the Earth, honored
  • Maneet: one who wins heart, soul
  • Mahir: expert, bravery
  • Moulik: valuable

Indian boy names starting with R

R is also a special letter in the alphabet. Indian boy names starting with R are often linked with bravery and power, thereby foretelling a respectful life and success.

You can see a lot of Indian famous people having names with R like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh or Randeep Hooda.

  • Rahul: competent and efficient
  • Rajiv: the successful person, winner
  • Rajvir: a powerful king
  • Ramesh: the savior
  • Ranveer: the hero, the winner in a battle
  • Rajat: courageous
  • Raunak: bright happiness
  • Riddhiman: a person with good fortune
  • Reyan: fame
  • Raul: strong defender
  • Rathin: celestial
  • Rajdeep: Light of Kings
  • Rohan: one who takes the higher path, success
  • Ryaan: Little King

Indian boy names starting with S

It's not hard to find successful people with names starting with S. You may need to spend the whole day to list them out.

Such names as Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Saif Ali Khan or Sanjay Dutt are the reasons why people love Indian boy names starting with S. Check them below!

  • Sachit: a conscious and joyful mind
  • Sahil: the bank of ocean, ruler
  • Shakti: the powerful man
  • Shashank: one of Lord Shiva's names, refers to the moon
  • Shreyan: fame and reputation
  • Shreyansh: a person who bring lucks and fortune to other people
  • Spandan: the sound of heartbeats
  • Sathak: meaningful
  • Samar: battle, war
  • Subin: good King
  • Safal: success
  • Samaksh: universe, power
  • Salil: water, nourishment
Indian Boy Names For Baby 2020 2
There are a lot of trendy Indian boy names but make sure you get your baby the most suitable one

Other meaningful Indian boy names

In addition to that, check out other Indian boy names that will bring fortune and happiness to your baby which start with other letters of the alphabet!

  • Bakhshi: present, gift
  • Balvan: bold and tough
  • Chandran: moon
  • Dakshesh: the king of the forest
  • Ekapad: one of Lord Shiva's names
  • Ekaraj: king, emperor
  • Faraj: remedy, củe
  • Fiyaz: artistic
  • Fitan: intelligent
  • Frado: first
  • Chatura: smart, brilliant
  • Farhan: happy, joyful and cheerful
  • Gagarn: heaven, sky
  • Gunbir: brave, virturios
  • Harsh: happiness and excitement
  • Hitik: from the heart
  • Hemang: charming and shinning physique
  • Ivaan: the grace and glory
  • Isaac: protector
  • Imaran: exalted nation
  • Ishwar: king, lord
  • Jeet: success, triumph and victory
  • Nikshith: sharp and encourage
  • Nihal: handsome, prosperous and positive
  • Naitik: good morals and characteristics
  • Neel: blue
  • Priyom: a beloved person
  • Parthik: innocent and pure
  • Vaibhav: a lucky and intelligent individual
  • Vinay: a humble and kind person
  • Vihaan: sunrise, morning
  • Vishesh: a trendy name refers to someone special and unique
  • Yash: success, victory, and fame
  • Zashil: enthusiastic and ambitious

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Above are some of the most trendy and meaningful Indian boy names for you to take into consideration. Taking inspiration from famous people and celebrities is also a great ideal when coming to naming your baby. As you might be confused with so many beautiful names, make sure of the mentioned criteria to get your baby the most suitable one.


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