Dating Guru: How To Break Up With Someone Like A Grownup

Rena Quynh |May 02, 2019

How to avoid a bloody awful break-up for the person doing the leaving. Here're the tips from an expert.

When it comes to love, no one would like to hear “break-up”, however, sometimes we have to face this unwanted situation. If you're on the receiving end, it can be really bloody. And your turn to end the relationship like a grownup can sometimes be just as hard. In this article, Gary Amers, an expert relationship coach will give you 5 rules when you want to break up with your partner like a real adult.

Be clear

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When your partner and your initial expectations of passion, desire, value, or viewpoint cannot match anymore, it’s a proper time to split up. Before ending the relationship, try to list out things that you cannot handle, or feel. And don’t forget to write what you want and visualize it.

Fall out of love in your mind first


At some points of time, always recalling those great times together blocks your will to say goodbye. To avoid that, you should look back on the five most negative moments happening in your relationship. Keep dwelling on how you felt that time.

Be kind, but strict

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Break-up is always tough as it hurts both sides. Especially in case you are the 'breaker-upper', you surely don’t expect any further damage to the person on the receiving end. Being gentle, respectful and kind when starting moving away from your partner is a must. Meanwhile, make sure that you draw a clear line between you and your former lover so that he/she won’t get the wrong signals and will be no longer with you no longer.

Realize how valuable they are

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Keep in mind that you are the one that determines whether your lover is worth spending time. Will you spend time having dinner with your partner or sit down for a few minutes in a coffee shop for a breakup? Or will you text a message with few words or one last night of passion? It’s all up to you.

Look ahead

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After break up, you should look for the positive sides of being single; you are free to do things that you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship. If you maintain positive thinking, your day will be full of happiness all the time.


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