These Recommended Breakup Places Will Help You End A Relationship Easier

Shanaya Rishaan |Oct 19, 2019

If you want to say goodbye with your current relationship, these suggestions about the best breakup places and times will help you end it easier.

Ending a relationship isn’t as easy as you have to choose the right place and time to say goodbye with your lover, and even face their overreactions. If you’re looking for suggestions about making break up words easier to speak out, these best breakup places and times will help you out.

A museum

At this historical place, especially at the one exhibiting dinosaurs, you can tell them that this relationship is extinct the same as what happened to dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Hall Compressed
Source: Smithsonian Institution

Your least favorite restaurant

Break up is a painful memory, so it's a wise choice to make the restaurant that you barely visit one of your breakup places, because if you choose your favorite one, you will be unable to eat without imagining their crying face, after your break up.

On a roller coaster

Crying, screaming and yelling, where is more suitable to put an end to your terrible relationship than on a roller coaster?


Your girlfriend loves Snapchat, so it might be easier to break up with them via this application, as you could avoid face-to-face conversations and seeing their crying face.

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Source: bustle

The circus

Breaking up at a circus may be ridiculous, but actually, this makes sense as your partner will turn out to be a clown.

A haunted house

One of the best breakup places is a house with a scary atmosphere where you can show them the things that are scarier than being alone and a breakup.

Dave & Buster’s

If you give them your tickets and breaking up with them at the same time at a local Dave & Buster’s, they cannot mad at you.

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Source: newschannel9

A taxi

In the back of a taxi, you can talk with them and then finish with break-up words, and don’t worry about bothering drivers as they get used to such situations. Besides, you can get out of the taxi when they start to talk about the “good times.”

Next to another couple trying to break up

It seems like you will have a double break up if after some conversations there are two people bursting into tears.

A concert

Inviting them to a concert and people will think that they’re crying because of seeing their favorite idol in reality.

Concert Club View Compressed
Source: State Farm Arena

An Apple store

iPhone 11 was released, tell them that you want to own it and they look like a version of the iPhone 4.

The ER (Emergency Room)

This place will show them that the ending of this relationship is not as terrible as the guy in the ER with his bones out of his arm.

A gas station

A perfect place for your break-up destination when you cannot wait to reach Trader Joe’s

When their train pulls away

They may not pay attention to the conversation as they missed their train to work, so don't feel guilty when they can’t catch every single word you said.

On a boat

You can tell them that you’re seasick because of their face, not the waves when both of you are on a boat.

Source: Boat Planet

A wedding

When being at a wedding, you can express to them that you could feel love surrounding, but not the love in your relationship. “Love is in the air... but not the air that we’re breathing.”

A foreign country

In another country, well, you can say goodbye to this relationship in two different languages.

On an airplane

You want to make a new version for the mile-high club, break up with them on your flight.

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At the park on an autumn day

You can point at the leaves on the grounds and tell them that your love is over just like those ones.

On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be a great time for breaking up as you can get them to eat turkey and mashed potatoes in the same way they lied to you about the future of being together.

When their mouth is full

At this time, they cannot say “No” or respond to your words.


Hiking up a mountain

Show them the truth that they’ve already walked on a six-mile road on a mountain and it’s easy for them to get over your long-term relationship, nine years for example.

Their place

Among those mentioned breakup places, their house will be perfect for you if you like a private break up. You can take your stuff privately and both of you can have one last intercourse before separating.


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