It’s Time To Say Goodbye: 7 Signs Indicate You No Longer Love Your Partner

Kimmy Karima |Oct 04, 2019

There are tokens indicating you’re falling for someone. Besides, there are signs saying you no longer love someone. It’s necessary that you see the latter because staying in a relationship without love is even worse than not staying with someone you like.

Sometimes, the love-no-more signs are apparent. Other times, they are quite subtle, and you may not know what is happening with you or your lover.

To save you a lot of time questioning and wondering, here are some clues that your feelings are no longer the same, that you don’t love your partner anymore. Consequently, if some of the signs below are true for you, it may be time for your careful consideration for a serious talk or a break-up.

Your sexual desire towards your partner has faded

It’s terrible when sex no longer attracts you.

Well, this happens now and then for every couple. As much as you would like yourself to be attractive in your significant other’s eyes all the time, keeping sex flame always burning is genuinely unrealistic. It's typical, especially in this busy world.

However, it will be a problem if you start hating the idea of making love with your mate. When you feel sex is a burden or even disgust at having sex with them, it’s a sign that your love is in big trouble.

You don’t care about the connection anymore

Without communication, you can’t build a bond of love.

A connection is mostly built on communication. When you don’t communicate with each other, how can you have an emotional connection? That’s why experts say communication is one of the most critical keys to long-lasting relationships.

So if you find yourself being annoyed or dull as talking with your partner, plus you don’t want to do that at all, it means your heart isn’t in this love anymore.

Loneliness comes and stays

Isolation, even in a relationship, is a sorrowful feeling.

Everyone feels lonely sometimes even when they’re in love. There are a lot of reasons for that kind of emotions, but when loneliness comes and doesn’t leave you, that is the sign of a big problem. It tells you that now your partner is no longer the one with whom you can or want to share anything.

You no longer feel jealous

A bit of jealousy is evidence of love.

Jealousy is not a nice feeling. But when you’re in love, even not so deeply, you’re jealous when thinking of your other half being with someone else.

Nonetheless, things have changed now. Is your lover interested in another person? So what? Hell with that, you no longer mind, which also means you love no more. Plus, you may even want him/her to go with another person and leave you for good. At that time, love has genuinely gone.

No more respect

Love requires mutual respect, always.

It is a dangerous sign. You can’t love your other half if there is no existence of mutual respect in the relationship. Don’t expect that you’ll maybe fall in love with them again because, with no regard, everything is ruined. Even plain friendship can’t last without respect.

Your lover pisses you off, all the time, with anything he/she does

Everything you once loved now becomes bothersome.

This feeling happens when you dislike someone. In this case, that person is, unfortunately, your partner. The worse thing is that you now can make a very long list of what you hate about him/her, and it includes many or all the things you used to love before. Even the thought of your other half or his/her presence can irk you.

No matter what leads you to state, it’s time to MOA (move on already, in case you haven’t known).

You imagine how great life would be without your mate

Love ends when you believe you’d be better off solo, or with someone else.

You once imagined how great life would be with your lover. Now, you fantasize how great you would feel without him/her. It means you find your relationship too dull, or irritating, or anything else but satisfying.

In other words, you believe that your life would be so much better without your current mate. Thus, do both of you a favor by saying good-bye. Both lives would be improved significantly after break up, for sure.


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