8 Effective Methods To Leave Pain Of Separation Behind And Move Forward

Kaira Immre |Sep 29, 2019

Why is it just so hard for most of us to get over a breakup? It’s because love is a form of addiction. We’re here to help you with eight best ways for you to recover from a breakup.

Breakup often opens the beginning of a new “chapter” in each person’s life and gives you a unique chance of meeting someone more compatible with you. But there is no doubt that in some first weeks of being lovelorn, you’ll feel inconsolable. However, when the time passes, you can find happiness with yourself, finally, the true love in life.

Here’re eight simple ways for you to lighten up your mood again.

Buy yourself a big bouquet of pink roses

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Stand up and go to the market. Choose yourself a bouquet of beautiful roses. Then put them in a vase for decorating your home. All the things you need to do is wait for them to wilt. It’s time to throw them out like the way you forget your former partner. Check your feelings at that time, and guess what?

Embrace alone time

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It’s essential to go out and form connections with others, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to spend time alone to rearrange the relationship and begin a new story. Therefore, there is nothing wrong when you take a holiday in a faraway destination to savor the beautiful scenes and change your minds.

Make a breakup playlist

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Music is an ideal tool to heal broken hearts because of its powerful effect on our mood. If you find yourself being landed in emotion, let the breakup playlist be your menu.

Travel and explore new places

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When being in a relationship, you often tend to go to similar destinations, even do the same things. Therefore, it’s time to change and explore something new. Exploring doesn’t mean that you need to have a lavish, a luxurious restaurant with exotic food. Instead, you merely switch up the bus route or try another restaurant to savor an entirely different sensation.

Schedule plans with friends

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A breakup can make even the most energetic people feel that they’re not good enough. Let distract yourself by scheduling a date with besties immediately. It may be a dinner with favorite food, even fast food, or a trip to the water park.

Hanging out with people who respect and appreciate you will help you recognize your value and ease your pain of separation. Finally, if you neglect your friends when being in the love island, prepare the most sincere apologies to them.

Block them from your Instagram/Snapchat

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In the case that you share a lot of mutual friends, unfollowing your ex is not enough to throw them away from your social media. Blocking them from your Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat is the best way to remove their presence. Sometimes, you want to know whether he/she pays much attention to your stories or not, right? Removing this thought by blocking them right now.

Don't rush into the dating game too soon

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Meeting a new person can genuinely be a great way to remove the ex’s presence in your mind. Besides, it also reminds you that there are more fish in the sea and you don’t need to be drunk because of the ex.

However, your heart is still to be painful after a failed relationship. It’s necessary to have time to evaluate whether you’re ready to be with someone again or not. Rushing into the new game too soon can make you have a wrong decision.

Love yourself more

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When on a date with someone, you often spend time with them and forget your favorite activities. Now, it’s time for you to love yourself. Go out, do the exercises, boxing or even play games, whatever you like. Before loving others, you should treat yourself well first.


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