From Classic To Classy, 9 Vintage Wedding Theme For Your Special Day

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 26, 2019

You've always dreamed of a royal wedding in which you look like a princess coming out from a fairy tale. These 9 vintage wedding theme ideas will definitely make your dream come true! 

You've always dreamed of a royal wedding in which you look like a princess coming out from a fairy tale. Everything that is related to your wedding, invites, bridal accessories, decorations and more needs to bring out the royal vibe. These 9 vintage wedding theme ideas will definitely make your dream come true!

1. Printed and patterned invites

When it comes to a wedding based on the vintage theme, everything has to be 'on point'. Paying attention to small details like invites is necessary. Therefore, you should make the invitation cards look more creative by surprising the guests with the way the cards are presented.

However, if you are a minimalist, the basics are never out of fashion. You may choose a cover with simple patterns or you may put them in a pretty treasure box.

vintage wedding theme ideas

2. Ring the bells on your special day

Bell hanging decorations are such iconic items that almost every vintage wedding uses them. Even though these items are simple, they fit perfectly the whole concept and results in a great visual description. So, if you opt for something classic but chic, the ear-catching decors are highly recommended.

vintage wedding theme ideas

3. The regal combination of blue and golden color

Golden is the color of royalty, so shade of golden color will make the decorations follow the vintage wedding theme.  However, have ever you thought of mixing blue and gold? Just take a look at this stunning ceremony! The preparations are charming, from the little elephant statue on the table, the shining fairy lights to the mysterious blue vase.

What are you waiting for? Save it to your idea album now!

vintage wedding theme ideas

4. Fancy wedding photos with a vintage car as a backdrop

Old things, like a cassette, an old-fashion bike or a vintage car, etc have recently become a trend for wedding photoshoots. You can easily use a flashy, well-decorated Cadilac in the studio or rent one and put it at your own wedding locale. Strike some poses and have unforgettable moments with your groom while shooting for your album in front of this adorable car.

vintage wedding theme ideas

5. Prepare a vintage photo booth for the guests

What could be more wonderful if your guests have a chance to have that vintage vibe while attending your ceremony? So, make sure the guests leaving your wedding with a great impression and, obviously, with beautiful photos in your well-prepared booth. This element will ensure that nothing looks "out of the track".

Besides, who doesn't want some new cool posts on their Instagram?

vintage wedding theme ideas

6. A lit table set-up

Cozy dinners lit by candlelight look so welcoming but friendly. You can refer to some ideas from Pinterest, from beautiful flower arrangements to sophisticated candle decorations. The table set-up game has never been 'that easy'. So, in case you are a fan of the vintage wedding theme, this option should be on top of your list.

vintage wedding theme ideas

7. Create a jaw-dropping album together

No need for an expensive studio or complicating set-up, your wedding venue is the flawless backdrop to create a thousand of breathtaking photographs. Imagine sharing a lovely moment with the other while sitting on the edge in your marvelous nuptial dress, plus the romantic background.

One word: Excellent!

vintage wedding theme ideas

8. Glamorous decoration

You are a flashy person, feel confident in showing your personalities to everyone. Since it's your most-awaited day and a one-in-a-lifetime event, do whatever you've been desired to!

If you want everything to look 'as glamourous as possible', make every detail look sparkling, even a cupholder.

vintage wedding theme ideas

9. An extravagant mandap

A spectacular mandap set-up appears in almost every Indian wedding. So, if you are not good at arranging tiny decoration items, a mandap full of favorite species of flowers should be taken into consideration. If not, hire wedding services to make sure nothing collapses in the middle of the ceremony.

vintage wedding theme ideas

There you go, vintage wedding theme ideas for brides and grooms! After all, don't push yourself too hard! You don't want to experience stress before the wedding, right?

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