How Does It Feel Like Being In The Friend Zone? Here're 5 Things A Man To Understand

Priyansh Ha |Oct 30, 2019

Nice man always get friend-zoned! If your crush is putting you in her friend zone, here are five facts to which you can relate!

Being the friend zone with your crush is one of the deadliest poison for the soul, which kills you slowly inside. Although your feelings are so strong that the whole world knows, it seems like she has no idea about it. There would be the time you start wondering if she genuinely doesn’t notice, or is she trying to ignore your love?

Whatever it is, eventually, you’ll merely give her the benefit of the doubt and take her innocence as an excuse for the fact she pays no attention to you. If she's putting you in her friend zone, here are five points to which you can relate!

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​Her Love Story Hurts You Inside

You know it’s a complicated case when she starts telling you about her affection for another guy. Although you think of her as your only one, you barely have a choice but to pretend that you are happy for her love life. It even gets more awkward when your role is not only a listener but also an adviser.

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Being Friends With Her Boyfriend

Listening to her talking about that guy isn’t the end of the story, you will even have to put aside your feelings and play it cool to become friend with her man. There will always be a voice inside your head telling you that he can’t compare. That is just something you can’t speak out.

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Being At Her Service For All The Time

Just know that you are one of the most crucial parts of her life. You play various vital roles from her best friend, philosopher to an adviser, everything but a lover. That is the reason why you will always be her particular service to drive her home in the middle of the night or bring her ice cream to cheer her up.

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Being Friends With The Loneliness

As you've spent almost all your time, effort, and even money on this one-sided relationship, it’s likely that you will lose most of your connections. This toxic approach will gradually drive you away from other friends, not to mention that you will not even have time for yourself. Sooner or later, loneliness becomes your only friend.

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A Hint Of Acknowledgment Is The Thing You Can Die For

Love is blind, they say. After all these things she’s done to you, your unchangeable mind will merely tell you to wait for a sign, hoping that she will see through your soul someday. That blind optimism is the motivation for you to hold on to the relationship that only exists in your mind. 


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