Feel Lonely While In A Relationship? Here Is How To Fix It!

Sahana Nhi |Sep 30, 2019

If you always feel lonely in your relationship, worrying issues will appear and harm to your love. These 3 suggestions are here to kill your loneliness

Couplehood is supposed to be full of happiness and joy for lovers and also the perfect antidote to loneliness. However, it also does make our heart weaker. That is the reason why you can even feel lonely easier than when you are single, because of distances, busy working schedules, fights, or anything else.

And if someone keeps suffering the loneliness for a long time, her/his relationship will appear worrying issues.

Feel lonely

If you are suffering loneliness while dating or you want to protect your love from loneliness, try these three suggestions.

Stop depending on your partner so much

feel lonely

Why don’t you try to enjoy your own space without thinking about your S.O 24/7? Instead of wasting the whole day to crave for his/her attention, spend it with your friends or family or enjoy it with your favourite movies and books or you can also chase your own goals and improve yourself by learning something new.

Pamper yourself with positive feelings and exciting activities; you will see the benefits soon.

Overcome your ego during fights

Feel lonely

When a fight is begun, what you should do is not to win your partner, it’s about overcoming your ego and avoiding hurting others. Our ego is just like a sleeping beast when you are angry, it wakes up and be upset too. So, how can we prevent the fierce beast from hurting someone else?

When it comes to fights, don’t yell or keep silent with your partner because bad words and silence will kill your love, for sure. Just calm down and make the first move to solve the problems. What comes from a heart will lead the other hearts.

Take time to make memories, even you’re a workaholic

Feel lonely

Love can’t grow up without your care, so even both of you’re a workaholic or busy with your job, try your best to take time for creating romantic memories. You will make yourself feel regret in the future because of your waste of time now. Go to the beach or go camping may be a great idea, but if you want to make it simple, a romantic candlelight dinner is also counted.


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