Exercise To Last Longer In Bed | Easiest And Quick Tips To Improve Sexual Performance For India Men

Bhavna Acharya |May 26, 2020

There are so many factors contributing to good sex and sexual stamina is one of the most important. Check out ultimate tips and exercise to last longer in bed!

Your sexual performance is not only about skillful ‘sex-nique’ or holding off your orgasm as long as possible. Great and lasting sex requires your whole body muscle to be strong enough and you need to practice seriously. From tongue to forearm and even your breath. Every single factor contributes to the best sex section which can take your partner to cloud nine.

Check out easy and effective exercise to last longer in bed!

Exercise To Last Longer In Bed sex couple
There are a few easy exercise to last longer in bed, check them out right now!

Easy exercise to last longer in bed

1. Tongue

couple kiss exercise to last longer in bed
Your tongue really do hard work when it comes to intimate that you need to practice it just like your muscles

Your partner loves when you go down on her but your jaw or tongue keeps cramping up midway? Why having sex is suffering when the thing both of you really want is to enjoy it? 

Do some tongue and jaw push-ups to strengthen your muscles by raising the lower side of your tip tongue and touch the hard palate (just like bending your tip tongue upward). Keep repeating it and you will find it no hard to do at all.

If you’re looking for a ‘real’ exercise, try to crush hard-shell chocolate candies like M&M with your tip tongue. Remember to make it fast so you will need to put a strong force to your tongue. 

2. Forearm

Exercise To Last Longer In Bed Couple Sex
You will also need strong forearm to avoid being exhausted half-way

It turns out that the strength of your forearm defines the quality of sex as every position requires strong arms. Hit the gym asap or lift up some weights to make your forearm stronger. A couple of sets of forearm curls every day or every two days will help increase the strength within just one month. 

3. Lower back and abs

exercise to last longer in bed
A strong lower-back and abs will help you try on more different sex positions

Sex requires all of your muscles to be in full swing and you will need your lower back and abs to be strong for every sexual move. Your arms and lower-back need to be super strong so you can hold your partners against the wall just like a scene in every erotic movie. You can try increasing the strength of your muscle with squats, planks, inverted curls, and pushups. 

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4. Your breath

Exercise To Last Longer In Bed 4
you will stay longer in bed once you take control your breath and your body

There are so many popular tricks and tips to delay early ejaculation, however, most of them will not really work. In fact, when you try to think about other stuff and get yourself being distracted, you have less control of your body than ever. 

One of the easy and effective tips to last longer in bed is about concentrating on your sexual experience and your breath. Take deep breaths as relaxed as the more anxious you are, the sooner you will come. 

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5. Sleep

Exercise To Last Longer In Bed 3
Good sleep also define your sexual performance

Good sleep will generate testosterone (the primary male sex hormone which defines your sexual feelings). Not having enough sleep for a long time will lead to a decrease of testosterone and so do your sex quality and duration. 

Make sure your sleep lasts approximately 7-8 hours a day. Stay away from artificial light while sleeping to assure the quality of your sleep.

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Tips to last longer in bed

Exercise To Last Longer In Bed 2
There are many factors which affect your sexual quality

Apart from doing exercise to last longer in bed, your flexibility and cardiovascular health also decide your sexual stamina. Here are a few tips to improve your body to boost your performance in bed:

  • Sweat out at least 3 times a week by hitting the gym, running, walking, or whatever exercise you're interested in.
  • Try practicing yoga to increase the flexibility of your hips and lower back, which stands a notable pressure while having sex. If you're not into yoga, online opening stretches a lesson is also a great option.
  • Stick to a healthy and nutritious diet to keep your body strong from the inside. In addition to that, stay away from stimulants like cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol.

Remember positions also play a crucial role:

Below are easy tips and exercise to last longer in bed. Remember the key factor for good sex is when you feel relax and really into it.

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