How To Instantly Get A Bigger Penis Without Surgery?

Bhavna Acharya |May 15, 2020

Having a bigger penis is a common desire among men no matter how well-endowed they already are. Here is how to make your dream come true in just 5 minutes!

According to a recent study, nearly half of the 14,000 people involved expressed their wishes for a longer schlong. For so long, men who prefer a bigger penis have always referred to surgical penis enlargement and penoplasty as the only option. The good news is: there are many other ways that can help lengthen the penis and bolster their confidence.

While surgical intervention appears to be the most effective method in enlarging the penis, many doctors suggest that men should cogitate about the repercussions beforehand. Medics also warned about the penis size obsession. This could imply that the person was suffering from a serious psychological problem.

Bigger Penis
There are some ways to increase penis size without surgery and injection

According to the plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi, the majority of men who consider their penis small are actually wrong. Indeed, many studies have shown that the size of the erect penis often varies from under 5 to 6 inches. So, having a 5 inches long penis is completely normal. Men who are in constant concern of their penis size might look for help from a shrink instead of a surgeon.

However, if your penis size prevents you from being confident in bed, there are some non-surgical methods that can help ameliorate the situation. Take hints from our suggestion today. Hope that these methods will bear fruit in your trouser department. Getting a bigger penis without surgery is possible:

Bigger Penis 2
Having a bigger penis is in the reach of your hand

1. Take a pill

Yes! There are pills that can help enlarge your penis. Among many tables available on the market, we recommend ginkgo bilboa pills. This herbal remedy is made from tree leaves that Chinese medicine traditionally uses for memory improvement purposes.

This ginkgo will act as a blood flow booster that helps the circulation to your penis. This method works best with those men with poor circulation and gives them a sense of having a bigger skin flute.

Bigger Penis 4
there are so many types of medicine to make your penis bigger

2. Penis Pumps

Another way to get your penis bigger without going under the knife is by using a penis pump (or penis extender). This method will benefit men with erectile dysfunction. Many people have successfully used this method to improve their sexual health as well as their experience in bed. A 2015 study pointed out that wearing pumps in a month can make it 1-1.5 centimeters longer.

Although you will need to put the extender on your sensitive part for hours a day, this method is convenient as men can wear it inside their underwear.

Bigger Penis 3
a bigger penis is impossible thanks to the penile extender

3. Have a trim

If you're not fancy the idea of taking pills or putting on the penile pumps for days, there is still an easy way to make your penis looks bigger: shaving your pubes. Removing pubic hair can make your manhood look a little bit larger immediately. This trick is an effective one but only requires little time and effort. Use a razor to give your pubic hair area trim and the result will be visible within seconds.

As penile surgical is costly, having a bigger penis by using the above methods appears to be possible to every man.

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