Why And When To Use Toner For Best Effects?

Rose Advani |Sep 03, 2019

Toner is terrific skincare products that make your skin healthy and glowing. Get more knowledge about toners like when to use toner and how to use toner effectively.

Toner is a type of rosewaters which effectively remove all excess dirt on your skin, close large pores, and balance the pH proportion of your skin. This skincare product is “the best friend” of your skin with the amazing effects it brings back. Before the moisturizing process and after washing your face with a cleanser will be a good time when to use toner.

Plus, toners play a vital role in many beauty gurus as to how to close pores, how to prevent blackheads, how to moisturize your skin, when to use a toner. So, you never miss this post for a better understanding of this miracle product.

when to use toner
Toner plays the vital role in the skincare routine

We are getting more knowledge about this great skincare product - the toner and reasonably using it for glowing skin.

When to use toner on face

As we mentioned above, using toners daily will be your skincare tips with surprising things it brings back for your skin; cleansing, moisturizing, closing pores and balancing the pH proportion on your skin.

How often should you use toner on your face? It’s a good idea to use toner twice a day, after cleansing your face in the morning and before sleeping at night. The proper toner will improve your dry and rough skin effectively if you strictly keep this rule.

when to use a toner on face
Pour a proper dose of the toner on your palm

Notably, the toner will keep all its functions if you use it at the right time after you wash your face with the favorite cleanser and before applying moisturizers or serums. Also, using a toner is a great method in how to prevent blackhead tutorials.

Tips to use toner effectively

When you had already chosen a suitable toner for your skin types, you need to follow these five steps that make the toning process be at best.

  • Wash your face with a suitable cleanser

Indeed, you need to clean your face before toning. You should rinse your face with warm water, then using a washcloth to wash and dry your face skin. Massaging your skin in this step also helps remove more dirt or makeup.

  • Toning with a cotton pad or palm

For oily skin, you should use a cotton pad to spread the toner on your face and neck. You pour a proper dose of your selected toners on the cotton pad; you can also use a cotton ball for a better soaking, then gently spread toner on your face and neck. For dry skin, you can pour toner right on your palm.

when to use toner and how to use
Distinguish between tone cloth, cotton pad and cotton ball.

Wait a minute before your face skin is dry and give toner time to sink in your skin.

  • Nourish your face skin with moisturizers and serums

After toning process, you should apply moisturizers or serums, which is the best time for your moisturizer launch its function to the surface of the skin. And you will wake up with the firmness and glowing skin.

when to use toner
Nourish your face skin with moisturisers and serums

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Difference between Toner vs Micellar water

Some guys wonder about the difference between toner and micellar water with a similar function as getting your skin clear dust and makeup layer. Toners give you a series of benefits including deeply cleansing, balancing the PH proportion of your skin, even moisturizing your skin whereas micellar water helps you clear your skin only.

when to use toner
Toner vs Micellar Water

Following dermatologists, using a toner is a must-have step in the skincare routine for glowing skin. All the things you need to do is picking up a suitable toner and apply it on your face skin at the right time. Notably, you must remember when to use toner for face for the best effect. If not, you will break the process and make toner useless, evenly harmful for your skin.

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