Best Morning Routine To Kick-Start Your Day, According To Zodiac Sign (Part 1)

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 11, 2019

Break bad habits and maximize your energy the moment you wake up. Try our recommended morning routine that fits best with your zodiac sign.

We all want to kick-start our day healthily, craving for productivity, and positivity. However, not all morning routines are created equals in which you have to drink juice first and work out later. It all depends on your goals, your intentions, and surprisingly, your zodiac sign.

Astrology can tell what good habits you should add to your daily schedule to maximize your energy throughout the day. Let's scroll down to find out the best morning routine for your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Quick Work Out

Morning Routine 3

Aries people tend to be energetic, highly competitive, and outgoing. When you wake up, your body is already overflowing with excitement. When you start your day with some quick exercises, it can relieve your stress and anxiety instantly. Moreover, a work out can also improve your self-control levels all day long.

Taurus: A Delightful Breakfast

Morning Routine 4

Being the gastronome of the zodiac, the best part of the morning for you is a healthy and delightful breakfast. Try to wake up a bit sooner and prepare a mindful breakfast every morning.

Do not let anyone or anything interrupt you while eating. Eating a delicious meal can solve your problems because you tend to drown your emotions in food.

Gemini: 10 Minutes Of Meditation

Morning Routine 5

Your mind is a garden full of thoughts and new ideas which needs proper care. When you wake up in the morning, try to ground yourself with meditation in at least 10 minutes.

Your life moves at such a fast pace because you are eager to learn new things, but meditation helps you slow down and focus on your mental state.

Cancer: A Moment Of Visualization

Morning Routine 6

You merely feel emotions more than any other sign in the zodiac, which makes visualization a beneficial routine for your morning.

Take a little time for yourself to ask yourself some questions, such as "What can make my day?" or "How can I improve myself today?" While you are considering these answers, your sad or depressing thoughts are slowly faded away.

Leo: Self-Love Affirmations

Morning Routine 7

You have the natural affinity for being in the spotlight no matter where you are. However, when you cannot get enough attention, you start to feel vulnerable or low on self-esteem.

Try spending a few minutes in the morning to repeat some self-love affirmations to overcome self-doubt. Several useful and inspirational statements for you are "Today, I choose me" or "I have the power to change my world."

Virgo: A To-do List

Morning Routine 8

Being organized and detail-oriented, updating your to-do list is the best way to kick start your day. Others might find it strange, but you feel better in the morning when you know that you can control things and keep moving. The moment you wake up, the moment you never want to lose sight of the big picture or miss deadlines.

To be continued ...


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