Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India For Nature Lovers

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 22, 2020

Looking for a nice place with an offbeat traveling experience? Here are the top 10 tourist destinations in India for nature lovers to take into consideration for their next trip!

For those who have got enough of the crowded cities and wanna take a break from the fast-paced modern lifestyle. getting away into nature is definitely the best way to retreat and boost your energy. If you are looking for a nice place with an offbeat traveling experience without getting stuck in human-studded cities, traffic jams, and polluted air? Here are the top 10 tourist destinations in India for nature lovers to take into consideration for your next trip, collected by!

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Mcleodganj
The surreal beauty of Mcleodganj - Top 10 tourist destinations in India

10. Mcleodganj – The real heaven on Earth

Leave all those hustles and crowded metropolises behind, Mcleodganj is the place where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the majestic Dhauladhar ranges, go camping under trillions of stars and get some Instagram-worthy photos. 

Being one of the most favorite holiday destinations in India, Triund is definitely the best place for all types of tourism from treating to trekking. It this also the destination for everyone from a family vacation, buddy getaway to couple honeymoon.

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Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Srinagar Tuli
The next name in top 10 vacation destinations in India is Srinagar

9. Srinagar – The Kashmir hidden gem

Add Srinagar into your before-30 travel checklist if you don’t want to miss the most precious gem of Kashmir - Srinagar. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India.

Lying on the Jhelum River of the Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is well known for its spring full gardens, stunning waterfalls, and houseboats. The best time to explore the city is between April to October, before the flood comes and spoils the beauty of nature.

This beautiful place is also in top safest places to travel during pregnancy in India, in case you want to plan your babymoon destinations in the future!

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Andaman Nicob
Those who love the beach and sea, visit Andaman Nicobar!

8. Andaman & Nicobar - The undersea paradise

If you’re looking for a beach holiday, Andaman and Nicobar are the number 1 option for you to go with. From the palm line, long white sand beach to the stunning coral reefs, the iconic islands which will give you the true feeling of a paradise. You will be in love with this place and want to say here forever.

This island deserves the first place in top holiday destinations in India for couples this summer!

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Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Thar Desert
Go to Thar Desert in Kutch to have a one-off experience with the biggest kite festival of the country

7. Kutch – A trip to the no-man land

The best time to visit the Thar Desert in Kutch, the most famous white desert of India, is between November and February. It was the high time of seasonal salt marsh and you will also have a chance to take part in the kite festival with a sky full of giant and colorful kites.

Kutch is an ideal vacation destinations in India for adventures who keen on exploring the untouched beauty of nature.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Tirthan Valle
Number 6 out of 10 Tourist Destinations In India - Tirthan Valley

6. Tirthan Valley – Home for adventurers

Lying next to the Tirthan river in Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan Valley is not only popular among Indians but also ex-pats as an adventure hub. The world heritage site will offer you more than just a nice trek tour.

It strikes the incredible balance between adventure and peace, with rustic villages and charming scenery.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India: Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett is not for the faint-hearted.

5. Jim Corbett – A cinematic jungle adventure

No need for introduction, Jim Corbett is the best place for tiger sightseeing in our country. Thanks to luxury resorts inside the park, we're now able to enjoy the convenience yet staying close to the wildlife.

If you've got enough of those typical holiday destinations in India, this offbeat experience with tigers will not let you down.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Manali
Where can you watch snowfall in India? - Manali

4. Manali – The Snowy Paradise

Apart from the Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh also hold another gem which is Manali.

The place is well-known for breathtaking snow-capped mountains and luxury resorts. This is one of the greatest combinations of the beauty between nature and artificial architecture to offer you the most exotic experience ever.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Valley Of Flo
You can't miss Valley Of Flowers if you love spring in India

3. Valley Of Flowers – The dreamland for nature lovers

The world heritage site is extremely popular among beauty lovers as the paradise of flowers. In fact, the valley is covered with more than 300 species of flowers blooming all year round. Having a trek amid the vivid and lively colors of flowers is definitely the thing you should take at least one time in your life.

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Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Dhanaulti
The runner-up in top 10 tourist attractions in India for nature lovers, Dhanaulti

2. Dhanaulti –  Get lost in the wonderland

The alpine forest in Dhanaulti emerged to be one of the new nature tourist spots of India. Getting into the wood is definitely a nice escape from the crowded city. For those who have been tired of the fast-paced modern lifestyle, this is absolutely a way to boost your energy.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India Darjeeling
Darjeeling is our favorite place after all

1. Darjeeling – The town of green

Lying on the Himalayan foothills, Darjeeling has a reputation for its signature black tea as well as the Himalayan railway called 'Toy Train'. A trip to Darjeeling is one of the best vacation destinations you can ever have in India.

Here, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the village but still feel very comfortable in daily activities, unlike some other remote areas mentioned above.

So, what do you think about the list of top 10 tourist destinations in India for nature lovers, which one is your favorite?

Leave your comments below and do come back for more interesting posts!

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