All You Need To Know About LOCKDOWN EXTENSION Speech From PM Narendra Modi

Leela Adwani |Apr 14, 2020

Modi stated that the lockdown will be extended until May 3. Details below!

On the last of the coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to address the country. Modi stated that the lockdown will be extended until May 3. Yes, no prize for guessing, ‘lockdown extension’ has turned out to be one of the hottest topics now.

Lockdown Extension
The lockdown extension will be implemented

In a nutshell, the” phase 2” of the nation-wide lockdown is divided into two different periods – before and after April 20. Here are some highlights from his speech:

  • Taking all the suggestions from the public into consideration, the lockdown will be extended. So instead of 14 April as initially, everyone has to stay home till May 3. During this self-quarantine period, all of us have to be disciplined like what we have been doing so far.

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  • Until 20 April, all states, localities, and districts will be monitored closely by the national government as to how they are strictly implementing norms. Not just this, states will ensure not to let hotspots have a chance to grow during the lockdown extension. They are also allowed to resume some important activities though along with some certain conditions.
  • From 20 April, those states or areas will witness the resumption of some essential services.
  • There is an increase in the number of health infrastructure from one lab to test COVID-19 to more than 220 labs on this front.
Lockdown Extension 2
Empty metropolis
  • The extensive guidelines about the lockdown extension will be unveiled on Wednesday (15 May).
  • The Prime Minister showed his sympathy towards people who are facing many troubles in food, commuting and those who are staying away from their home. However, he hoped that his citizens would obey like a disciplined soldier.
  • Thanks to the patience from all of us, the country has been able to curb the spread as well as ill-effects of novel Coronavirus. Everyone in India has been suffering to save the country.
  • India had started screening passengers coming from countries having infected cases even when the country registered no COVID-19 patients.
  • The road that India is following is right as it can be reflected on the decrease in the number of new cases reported every day after the 21-day lockdown was implemented.
  • Even though the country has to pay the economic cost for social distancing practice, nothing can be compared to the cost of Indians’ lives.

What do you think about the lockdown extension? Let us know in the comment section below!

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