Have Problem With Your Introverted Lover? These 8 Features Will Rescue You!

Sahana Nhi |Aug 29, 2019

If you are having problems with your introvert S.O, read these 8 features to understand him/her and overcome you two’s problems.

Relationships are never easy, whatever your personality is. However, compared with extroverts who are outgoing, confident to speak their minds and easy to communicate with others, even strangers, introverted people have to bear as twice as difficulties in their relationship.


An introvert is known as a person who feels hard to open up and communicate, especially in society. They also pay more attention to their thoughts and feelings than external others. They are misunderstood as weird, unfriendly or even arrogant.

In fact, introverts are very creative and interesting. If you are having problems with your introverted S.O, read these 8 features to understand him/her and overcome you two’s problems.

1. Introverts have different types of communication

As mentioned above, introverts usually feel hard to open up and communicate, especially around people. They can’t really deal with human interaction, for example, talking, chatting or flirting.

If you are in a relationship with your introverted partner, you should know that he/she feels more comfortable with texting or calling than directly talking.

Don’t wonder why your partner keep quite with you although he/she talks a lot on social media, he/she is just shy. Take it easy.

Keep communicating more on social media and wait for it, your partner will open up soon for your patience.


Some introverts also like to use little twisted words rather than straight forward words, so when you communicate with them, be more refined and pay attention to their word, you will realize they’re actually very cute.

2. They have problems with expressing feelings


Sometimes, your partner seems to be cold to you and you feel like he/she doesn’t love you anymore. Hold on!

You have to know that introverts have problems with expressing feelings. They don’t know how to show you their love, especially verbally.

Keep calm and observe their action, although introverts rarely talk, they actually pay attention and take care of their partner a lot.

3. They can’t stand staying in crowds


Don’t ever think that your partner has stopped loving you because he/she doesn’t want to go to parties or proms with you. Introverts enjoy being alone and they hate socializing like cats hate water. Come on! How many cats in this world like swimming?

4. They have their own different ways to have fun


Unlike extroverts, introverts have fun with their inner world. They read and binge-watch to entertain themselves. If you want to have fun with your introverted partner, why don’t you choose an interesting film which both of you like?

You can watch your favourite movie with the person you love, your partner can feel comfortable with his or her private space. It’s totally a great time for both.

5. Be misunderstood always happens in their daily life


Being in a relationship with an introvert that means you also bear with fights because of misunderstandings. Take time to observe their action and their words to figure out their real character, you can definitely limit the fights.

6. They get bored easily


There is a fact that introverts get bored easily, so they are known as picky people or Lovelace. They always need people with unique characteristic and taste who can take them to new places. Let’s discovery things together, you two won’t only contribute your love but also find out your own passion.

7. They are idealistic their whole life, but not usually


Introverts are also dreamer in basic. They draw a lot of ideal type of lovers and friends. This is the reason why couples who have one or two introverts break up. Luckily, it doesn’t happen usually.

8. Extremely sensitive is their featured personality


Your introverted partner is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE! He/she gets hurt more easily than you think and it takes them a lot of time to recover. Be careful, especially in fights, you won’t want to hurt that little, cute and fragile heart!


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