8 Awkward Topics You Must Discuss With Your Partner Before Getting Married

Mina Muzumdar |Apr 04, 2019

This is a must read note before walking down the aisle with the love of your life!

Everything seems pinky when it first started, but when it comes to marriage, a lot of headache question begins to rise. Before taking your relationship to the next level and settling down with your soul mate until the rest of your life, here are eight questions you must find the answer together with your partner for happy marriage life.


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The first and foremost topic that you should mention is everything that regards to your and your partner finance. A lot of couples whose marriage ended in short-term confessed that they have thorny issues with money after the wedding.

So, take note! Talking openly about your saving, your retirement plan and how much money you would like to spend on household expenses. Also asking your partner to share the same thing candidly is a should do.


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How many children do you wish to have? When do you plan to have kids? How do you want your children to be educated? These are extremely important topics both of you need to obtain consent before the big wedding.



Nowadays, even the youth prefer to live in a nuclear family, many Indians still in favour of an extended family as it’s undeniable that the Indians’ family core value lies in family ties. Both of you should think about how much financial aid you can spend to look after both of your parents.

Your Belief

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Your belief isn’t just about religion but how you want your future to be is part of it. To put it simply, it’s your goal in life, the person you want to be and your faith in your marriage.

Your careers

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Are you planning to change your job shortly? Where your career path lies in after the wedding and having children, these questions are extremely important for both of you as you are now taking responsibility for each other and your future family.


Idiva Conversations With Your Partner Sex

Sex plays an important role in marriage life, so don’t shy away from the topic. Talking about sex and discussing with your partner about her/him fantasies in bed is a good way to start the conversation.


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Many newlyweds keep getting involved in quarrelling or some even end up their marriage just because of this matter. Sharing housework with your partner show your responsibility with your family from the smallest things.


The last thing but an inevitable conversation is about death. If something happened to one of you, who would be the one to take care of your family, your children and your parent? Remember, you are now a family and a parent. Therefore, this conversation needs to be put on the table.


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