Pay Attention Guys! 7 Signals Your Date Is Falling For You

Mina Muzumdar |Apr 05, 2019

Does she want the second date?

After the perfect and memorable first date, you would definitely wonder if your partner wants to have the second date with you. If you are struggling to find the answer, here are seven signal that your companion is totally into you.

Completing the date

Though completing the date night is common as a gesture of goodwill but there is horrible dating night whether you or your partner want to cut it off. So the first good sign you get is a complete night of dating.



Wanting more and more time

This is a loud and clear signal that both of you want to spend time for each other more and more. Then you have a high possibility to ask her/him out for the second hangout.

Extending the date

If your companion has a suggestion for the next meeting like “When are you free for a dinner?” then this is a solid indication that he/she is so much into you.

A friendly follow-up

Hearing from your mate after the first date actually the first and foremost signal that he/she interested in you. If it’s not, it means that your first try doesn’t go well.

Commital responses with concrete plans

When she/he already texted you, then the detail of the message may reveal the future of your relationship. If it’s a committal response with a definite plan then you made a point.


When everything just about to get started, consistency in a relationship plays an important role. Setting up a regular conversation and being transparent on what they are looking for is a sign she/he wants to get to be serious with you.

First Date Ideas

Planning Spontaneously

If your crush just texts you randomly like: “Hey, you free?” you can just reply “thank you, next”. A person who wants to have a serious relationship with you would have a detailed plan with you.


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