5 Different Kinds Of Affairs You Should Know About To Protect Your Relationship

Salena Harshini |Jun 30, 2020

Affair or adultery is considered as cheating on partners. And there are different types of involvement.

It is called an affair or adultery when one is involved in another relationship apart from their committed partner or spouse. This is the sin in every romantic relationship and is also considered the betrayal of trust. This type of involvement may or may include physical intimacy.

An affair is always a burden in a relationship and these are 5 common types you need to know about

No one in a committed bonding wants to be cheated on. And as you may have seen many cases where hearts are broken because of it, you may be surprised to know that there are even five kinds of affairs. To help you know more about the nature of these types (which somehow would help you steer clear from these situations), we have gathered what you may want to know about them below.

5 different kinds of affairs or infidelity

Emotional affair

In general, there is little to no physical intimacy in this type of relationship. It is completely made on an emotional intimacy base.

Cheating On

However, it is more damaging compared to the rest as the couple may not get intimate physically but they may badly want to have a future with one another. And that is what ruins the relationship they already have with their spouses.


Different from the above, this only has physical interaction, more like a one-night venture. People who get attached to this casual relationship often only enjoy the satisfaction of illicit intercourse.

Affair 1
A casual affair only demands physical interaction, but it can escalate to something more

However, as per psychologists, it may be difficult for women to be with somebody they do not have feelings for.

Second relationship

Those who have failed marriages often have this type of bonding. They find a physical and emotional connection with the partner and often see them as soulmate. To them, it is a way to get out of their unhappy marriage.

One-sided affair

One of the most unexpected yet common types of affairs is when one is attempted by another. They may live happily with their current relationship and not have the intention of having an affair.

However, sometimes they just can’t stop themselves from getting the provocation.

Affairs 2
Some people just can't help feeling attracted to other people

Post-crisis affair

The last type of the 5 affairs is post-crisis infidelity which begins immediately after some never-before changes in one’s life, such as job loss, health crisis or others. At this period of time, they tend to feel hopeless and may question their very own identity. This is what leads them to find someone who can make their needs met.

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