7 Golden Tips To Rekindle Passion In Marriage As Newlyweds Again

Kaira Immre |Aug 07, 2019

Wedding season is blooming; therefore, this post is our gift to those starting “a new chapter” in life and those getting married for years as well.

Wedding season is blooming; therefore, this post is our gift to those starting “a new chapter” in life and those getting married for years as well. Here are seven simple actions for both of you to light up the love island as newlyweds after years of marriage.

1. Surprise each other

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When you find yourself bored, don’t sit still and do nothing. Why don’t you create a memorable event by a surprising element? Maybe it’s quite tricky for you because you have understood clearly about your partner. But it’s not impossible.

You can leave the office sooner, go to the market and cook a meal that your spouse loves by yourself. Then you sit down, wait for her/him, have an intimate dinner, and finish things off in the bedroom. Or sending her a bouquet or a gift with no reason is also a simple way but effective one to keep your love always romantic as newlyweds.

2. A special dinner

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It’s true when saying that a cozy dinner is one of the critical factors for a happy family. But, sometimes you need something special by going out for dinner with your spouse and kids. Bring them to their favorite hotel for no special occasions.

If you have a tight budget, a small picnic at the lovely weekend or a barbecue party at home is also a perfect choice. Your effort and sincere will ignite the love that maybe has faded for years.

3. Movie dating as newlyweds


At the beginning period of love or being a newlywed, cinema is a popular destination for almost couples. And it’s still a beautiful place for a long term couple.

Take your partner to the cinema and let them choose a favorite movie. Don’t feel uncomfortable just because this movie isn’t your style. The critical thing for an everlasting marriage is tolerance and mutual understanding!

4. A weekend with only two of you

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Have your kids gone and spend the whole weekend on doing some simple things together. Again, if the money is tight, it’s time to get creative.

Turn the balcony into a gym, a living room with a Sony TV into a cinema or have a picnic far away from home even if you don’t go out.

5. Look at old pictures

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Choose a free time or even after dinner, sit down, find out old albums, and recall memories together. The collections are the most obvious evidence for your love. They store almost happy moments and places as well. See all the past together to respect the person by your side more.

6. Never stop flirting


Even if you’ve been married for years, never stop making your spouse feel loved. Always keep the flame in hearts burn by flirting. Remember as busy as you get, you need to be reminded that both of you are still sweethearts.

7. Say thank you


Show your gratitude through saying thanks for the good things that your spouse brings to you in life. Don’t point out the negative only; take notice of the perfect things he/she tries to do for you. A kiss or even a short message to say thank you can make your relationship go a long way.


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