These 5 Tips Will Help You To Avoid The Fungal Infection During The Monsoon

Sahana Nhi |Aug 30, 2019

Bacteria can breed and spread very fast in Monsoon and cause fungal infection. To keep your skin healthy during Monsoon, try these 5 skincare tips.

The Monsoon is the most wonderful time with the fungal infection because of its humidity increase. Bacteria can breed and spread very fast in this season and cause a lot of issue for human health, especially skin issue.


It makes you feel irritated and also itchy. To protect your skin from the fungal infection, add these 5 tips into your skincare routine.

1. Use open footwear to protect your feet


The monsoon usually contains heavy rains which make your shoes and socks totally wet. No matter how well - prepared you are, you won’t have enough shoes and socks to change when the old one gets wet. And just a day with wearing squishy shoes or moist socks can also bring the fungal infection to your feet.

To protect your feet, you should use open footwear or bring other pairs of shoes and socks and leave them in your office, just in case your company requires formal dress-code.

2. Try your best to help your skin staying away from dirty rainwater


Remember, rainwater is not clean, it contains a lot of bacteria. That is the reason why you have to change your wet clothes immediately after you come home. Don’t forget to wash your face, hands, and body to remove dirty water and bacteria, too!

3. Keep your hair clean


Besides the feet, our hair is also susceptible to infections in Monsoon. So, remember to keep your hair dry and cover it carefully before you go outside. After washing your hair, please towel drying them as soon as possible. Wet hair does not only cause hair issue but also face issues because it usually touches to our face.

4. Use a disinfectant and warm water during taking a bath


Ah ah, don’t just pour the whole bottle of disinfectant into your bath tab. It will cause a big problem with your body. A few of them combine with warm water are enough to kill the bacteria for you and make your skin become super-duper clean.

5. Keep your hands always clean and dry


You touch everything, even your body parts with your hands. That the reason why your hands are the dirtiest part and also the most important part which you have to keep clean. Don’t help the bacteria to spread around your body. After coming home, wash your hands, especially with the antiseptic soap.


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