10 Tricks Supermarkets Use To Make Us Buy More And More

Hanima Anand |Mar 04, 2021

Do you realize whenever you go shopping in the supermarket, you seem to forget about time? Do you buy more than you need? Beware of these supermarket tricks to become a smart consumer!

One of the ultimate goals of all businesses is to make profits by encouraging consumption. However, how can they do that without our acknowledgment? Here are 10 common tips of supermarkets to make their consumers spend more. Don’t be surprised if you also fell prey to these supermarket tricks more than once!

1 - Fruits, vegetables, and bakery at the entrance

Fruits At The Supermarket
Seeing fresh fruits and vegetables can help customers to relax and buy more.

Most supermarkets place fruits, vegetables, and bakery in the very first aisle to create a ‘decompression zone’ for customers. Once you enter and feel a space of scents and colors, you tend to feel more relaxed and willing to shop for more.

This arrangement could also instill a belief that supermarkets are for healthy food.

2 - Large shopping carts

A Full Shopping Cart
People tend to fill their carts with products.

Of course, these carts help you to contain a large number of goods and they are of great help to ourselves. However, the use of large carts secretly encourage buyers to fill their carts with products. Are you generally more satisfied when seeing a full cart instead of an empty one?

3 - Music in the supermarket

Most supermarkets play slow, classical music to make their shoppers spend more time inside. Humans are often influenced by the sounds of the surrounding. Should it be fast and loud music, people tend to shop quickly and rush home.

4 - Psychological pricing

Psychological Prices At Supermarket
It doesn't save much but it gives you a feeling of saving.

Have you ever questioned why most prices in supermarkets are set at .99? Simply, $9.99 sounds much cheaper than $10. And that’s how psychological pricing works.

5 - Relocate necessary products

As some people mostly buy their necessities then leave, supermarkets sometimes change the places of familiar products like eggs to force consumers to walk through the entire aisles to find them. While people stroll through places to find their goods, they come across other stuff and end up buying them.

6 - Light and time

Lighting At Supermarket
The lighting system often affects our decision to purchase.

Supermarkets need a stable lighting system to highlight their products and please their customers. People feel more comfortable when shopping in bright places. Fruits and vegetables also look fresher under direct light.

If you notice, many supermarkets don’t have clocks inside because these will remind their customers of time to go home.

7 - Impulse purchase

Some new products or unnecessary goods are often placed next to the cashiers. When people reach the so-called ‘point-of-purchase placement,’ they will try these new items or simply purchase them on impulse.

8 - Seasonal campaigns

Valentines Campaign At Supermarket
With a bit of decoration, supermarkets create a need to buy chocolate on Valentine's Day.

Chocolate is always available in supermarkets but it will be placed in visible corners during special holidays such as Valentine’s, Easter, or Christmas. Usually, we may find it unnecessary to buy chocolate for those occasions, but due to these seasonal campaigns of the supermarket, we end up buying this product anyway.

9 - Discounts & free food

Some discounts at the supermarket sound very enticing like Buy one get one free. In fact, it’s just 50% discount in other words.

Similarly, free food at the supermarket is not a way to test their products but a trick to persuade people to buy more. According to research, 68% of consumers often buy products that offer free samples.

10 – Free delivery package

Free Delivery Package
Believe it or not, you are tricked daily by these supermarket business tactics!

If you go shopping online, you often see codes as Free delivery if your bills exceed a certain amount of money. This is to make you add more to your grocery list though you don’t really need that extra product. The money you save from free delivery is often lower than the amount you pay for unnecessary goods.

Above are 10 tricks that are commonly used by supermarkets to encourage consumption in general. Have you ever been a victim of these tricks?

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