Just 5 Minutes To Find Out Whether You Are A Psychopath Or Not, The Result Is Truly Stunning

Leela Adwani |Mar 05, 2021

Believe it or not but you just need to spend five minutes to find out who you are.

If the question of whether you and your family have psychopathic tendencies has always been stuck inside your head, then it’s time to seek the answer. Believe it or not but you just need to spend five minutes to find out who you are.

The question

Recently, a woman took social media by storm when she shared a question and it will reveal a lot of things about your personalities that are something you have ever thought of.

Tiktoker Sophia
The Tiktoker Sophia.boi shared a viral video on her account.

Sophia took to her Tiktok account a video, saying:

“Did you know there’s a question out there that can reveal if you have psychopathic tendencies?" 

She starts the video with an order in which the participants have to close their eyes and imagine themselves walking through an eerie and dark forest simultaneously.

The TikToker then wants people to spend one minute to picture themselves standing in the middle of woodland.

“Now your heart is pounding and you hear sounds all around you. Suddenly you hear and feel breathing behind you and your whirl around in terror,” she added.

The Options 2
The video was recorded inside her car.

She offers six options for us to choose from when she asks what do we see in the imaginative picture in our heads.

The Options
Six options that she listed out.

The list includes w a wild animal, a dog, a pale person whose gender is opposite, a shadowy figure, a giant bug, and nothing.

The answer

If you already finish the test and are waiting for the result, the answer is bound to stun you less or more.

Cute Dog In The Forest
The surprising answer is a dog.

Most of you will think that a giant bug or a shadowy figure will be a sign telling you to have psychopathic tendencies.

However, that would raise a few eyebrows when the answer is a dog which is a friendly pet.


Sophia went on to explain that the most common answer of people who have done possess psychopathic tendencies is a dog.

Dogs can be fluffy, cute, and non-threatening. However, those who opt for a dog as their answer can be indicative of a potential masking behavior.

The Answer
Many people said they also chose dog.

Meanwhile, according to Jon Ronson who wrote the best-selling book The Psychopath Test, one thing in common that people having the personalities of psychopaths is they all love dogs.

He explained that dogs are quite easy to manipulate and obedient.

Further explanation was given that several psychopaths typically doesn’t show any emotion when one person they know pass.e.d away. However, they were extremely sad when hearing about the d.e.a.t.h of a dog.

Cute Dog
Dogs are cute but they are also easy to manipulate

More surprisingly, the video garnered over three million viewers to watch, and the number of people who reported that they saw a dog accounted for a huge percentage.

A lot of Tiktokers commented that they saw a dog in the picture they imagined while they were in the forest.

How about you? What is your answer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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