Luxury Life Of The Richest Dog In The World, CEO Of $380 Million Corporation

Hanima Anand |Mar 15, 2021

Gunther IV inherited the whopping amount of $100 million from its father’s owner, but thanks to the business it’s running, the net worth of this world’s richest dog has reached $380 million.

Gunther IV is a German Sheperd who is enjoying his utmost luxury life in Germany with an enormous net worth of nearly $380 million in 2021. He inherited this whopping amount of money from his father, Gunther III.

Life of the richest dog in the world

Gunther III was the pet of the countess Karlotta Leibenstein. When she died in 1991, she left all her net worth of $106 million to the dog. Gunther III and his children then inherited the money as well as related properties legally.

Gunther Iv Richest Dog In The World 1
The dog Gunther IV has tasted first-class meals in luxury restaurants in Europe.

Gunther IV is the only son of Gunther III. He is living a luxury life in a mansion in Miami, served by professional staff and a steward. He also hired a group of experts to manage his finance who invested his money into profitable businesses. Thanks to efficient management, the net worth of the Gunther family increased 4 times since 1990.

According to the latest estimation, Gunther IV’s net worth is at least $375 million in 2019. His house was reportedly acquired from Madonna in 2000 at the price of $7.5 million.

Gunther Iv Richest Dog In The World 2
Here he is, sunbathing beside his swimming pool in front of his guards.

Gunther IV spends most of his time playing in his bedroom while the rest of the mansion is for lease.

Gunther Iv Richest Dog In The World 3
The richest dog in the world is a German Shepherd.

The richest dog in the world also treats himself in the swimming pool sometimes, travels in luxury limousines, and tastes high-class cuisine from famous chefs.

Following Gunther IV is a personal housemaid for cleaning, a steward for other stuff, and a group of security guards. Everything is done to make sure this wealthy dog feels comfortable all the time.

Gunther Iv Richest Dog In The World 4
He looks super cool in sunglasses.

CEO of Gunther Corporation

The luxury lifestyle of Gunther IV is not the most surprising fact about this richest dog in the world. He is, in fact, owning a corporation to grow his net worth. With the help of finance managers, Gunther Corporation expands its business by producing game shows or running an Italian football club in Tuscany. From the original $106 million, Gunther’s family is now the owner of roughly $380 million.

Gunther Iv Richest Dog In The World 5
This is Gunther IV and his steward.

According to the laws, animals could not possess estates or properties but they could benefit from a trust. The testamentary trustee has the responsibility to maintain the rights of these animals while stewards take charge of healthcare services. Should Gunther IV die, all the money will be automatically transferred to charity.

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