85-Year-Old Married His 91-Year-Old Sweetheart At His Care Home After Proposing To Her 25 Years Ago

Leela Adwani |Mar 05, 2021

Peter Smirles and Jean Robson have been dating for 26 years after he walked out from his previous divorce.

Getting back together with your ex can be a long process. To have a happy ending after the sour relationships in the past can be much harder. It even takes us many decades to do so. Recently, an 85-year-old has got married to his sweetheart who is 6 years older than him at a care home after being in a relationship for 26 years.

85 Year Old Man
85-year-old groom in his special day

The nuptials of two elderly lovers

Peter Smirles and Jean Robson have been dating for 26 years after he walked out from his previous divorce. The couple’s wedding ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic.

The Couple Has Been Together For Decades
The couple has been together for decades

However, the health condition Peter started deteriorating after Christmas. The doctor advised him that the wedding should take place sooner than the initial date instead of being postponed.

The small and cozy ceremony finally took place at the care home of Peter after a license was obtained.

Relatives Attended Their Wedding Virtually
The relatives also joined them virtually.

The care home’s staff had to work with the bride and her daughters to ensure the function go smoothly amid the on-going pandemic.

The Groom And Bride
They have been dating for 26 years.

The groom’s daughter and granddaughter also joined them via skype from Norway.

The love of the newlyweds

A Little Dance
The little dance of the groom and the bride.

Jean revealed that her husband proposed to her for the first time 25 years ago. However, at that point, she didn't want to get married and said, “why rush”. Yes, she didn’t want to rush into the second marriage and it seemed to never happen but it finally did.

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