5 Golden Tips On Conflict Resolution For A Healthy Relationship

Mishka Saisha |Sep 17, 2019

Here are five relationship tips to those who want to improve conflict resolution skills. They can help your resolution more effective and less stressful.

Conflict can be seen as a spice for virtually all relationship; however, it usually brings significant stress to us. And you always remember to find its solution since an unresolved conflict can lead to a mass of other conflicts causing an unhealthy relationship. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict also affects your health and longevity.

Some studies have pointed out that observing a couple's way of fighting can predict the ultimate result in their marriage. Or in other words, it is based on how they resolve conflict. Therefore, conflict resolution skills are critical to us.

In this article, we bring you five golden tips on conflict resolution for those who want to improve these skills for a healthy relationship.

Understanding Your Feelings

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Your feelings are the most critical component for a conflict resolution. It seems very obvious and easy to understand yourself, but sometimes you couldn’t even clearly know your sense. You can get angry or overreact about something without any reasons. Indeed, those negative emotions are very harmful to a healthy relationship.

We recommend you have a journal to write down and entirely read the genuine feelings and thoughts in you. It helps you in enhancing communication with other people. However, if you couldn’t control your emotions and feelings, you should visit psychotherapist for better advice.

Listening To Your Partner

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Listening plays a vital role in any communication as well as conflict resolution skills. It is a way to know other’s perspective and let them see how you are always listening and understanding them. It seems very simple but helps you get the solution for a conflict.

However, not all people have excellent listening skills. People usually think they are listening, but in reality, not. Instead, there are many defensive and obstinate thoughts in their perspective: formulating the other person's next response, or thinking how wrong their partner is.

So in any circumstances, always remember to listen to your partner and their viewpoints.

Having Assertive Communication

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Your words in a conflict are significant. Using wrong words or saying something wrong seems as throwing fuel on a fire and make the conflict worse. Hence, you have to be clear and decisive, without being aggressive or putting others on the defence mood.

One effective fight solution is to use ‘I feel’ to start your statement, and then accurately express your feelings. They produce more effectiveness than to point out the other person's wrong action.

Find A Solution Together

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If you follow all the tips above and your partner does the same to you, it’s time for both of you to find a conflict solution. Remember that you both agree with the resolution. Sometimes you can get the answer very quickly since both parties can understand others.

When the misunderstanding is the root of the conflict, an apology an open discussion between two people can work wonders for your battle.

However, there are cases you hardly seek a solution. At that time, you have to be flexible between resolutions: agreement, disagreement, or compromise. The importance is all involved parties must try the best to sort it out with mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Knowing When You Should Stop

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In some cases, the best resolution in a conflict is to bring more distance in the relationship or let it go. Nonetheless, in a battle between family members, adding more boundaries between all members and accepting their faults to maintain peace is strongly recommended. These solutions might bring the same effectiveness to a long-term friendship.

Last but not least, be careful with your decision. You are the person who can decide whether a relationship deserves an improvement or an ending.


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