19 Must-Have Stages In A Serious Relationship. Where Is Yours?

Sahana Nhi |Sep 12, 2019

Scientists believe that every relationship has these 19 stages. If you are wondering about your relationship status, read this!

Recently, scientists have published a study which proves that a serious relationship usually goes through 19 stages. They also believe that if a couple can pass more than 11 stages, they are highly likely to get married. If you are wondering about your relationship status, read this.


Your heartbeat becomes rapid because of him/her

At this stage, you will realize that there is a person who makes you have rapid heartbeat every time you see or think about him/her.  It’s the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Start to text back and forth


Ding ding! Your phone always rings incessantly in stage 2 because you two’s “no end” convos.

Oops, your “Friend” suddenly has a stalker on social media

Don’t look around or wonder who it is, silly. It’s totally you! But to be honest, it’s actually a good move for understanding your “friend” hobbies or tastes.

You hate rummaging the other’s past, but you keep rummaging your “friend” past


From the high school photo to his college friend’s social media, all you want to know is actually his ex appearance. Ah ah, stop doing that, it’s not cool, not at all.

You officially have the first date

Normally, people make one or two silly mistakes during date time. It means your partner also does it, so don’t be sad if you did something “stupid” on your first date. He won’t remember yours.

You share his messages in your “sisters” group chat


Every girl has her own detective army, I mean her “sisters”, actually. They will give her advice or warn her whether they smell the evil from her “crush”.

Your fun garbage starts to appear during you two’s convos

In stage 7, you discover that they also have their fun garbage. Whatever it is about, but when you share each other’s silly side, that means your relationship is getting closer and closer.

Your date-time is no longer a nightmare


You actually enjoy hanging out with him now. From picnics to date nights, what you two care is about having fun with each other.

You start to gossip with your partner

He brings you the feeling that he could be your secret keeper. You can mack your enemy or your mean colleagues with him without any fear.

Digging his breakup reason in the past


Why did he break up with his ex? Was it about neutral differences or he was actually a playboy? These questions keep stuck on your brain until you figure out the reason.

Introduce them with your near and dear ones

Now, it’s time to introduce your partner with your family, friends, and co-workers. If all of them have sympathy with him, he is your true S.O.

Dumb fights appear because of lacking understanding

Don’t ever think about giving up just because you feel that he doesn’t understand you. Relax! He needs time for this, and so do you. Understanding is not just one's job.

You plan for long trips with him

You definitely want to discover new places and share all of interesting moment during the long trip with him. Your wish is also what a healthy relationship is about.

Finally, you’ve got your place in his heart


After long-term guessing and chasing process, you two can finally introduce the other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Congrats!

Keep getting closer and closer by vibrations

This is the cosiest and sweetest period in a relationship but also a signal before a heavy storm. Enjoy it!

Watch out! The storm is coming


This is the time for serious fights. There are a lot of problems you have to deal with while dating,  and sometimes, they make you think about your relationship. Think carefully!

You get bored because of your partner

After stage 16, a lot of feelings about your partner were killed. You will feel tired while thinking about him and start to have weird dreams about your e.x.

Your relationship is recovered


You two solve all problems, the bright days are coming back. But at this time, it even becomes more romantic than before.

You two become perfect and cute in the other’s eyes

What makes you annoyed in the past doesn’t annoy you anymore. You finally learn how to treat with your partner infelicity.


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