Kissing 101 - Secrets To Become A Good Kisser, Drive Them Just As Wild With A Few Steps

Leela Adwani |Apr 27, 2020

In order to make sure to make your kiss to the fullest, we have compiled tips and tricks that are bound to transform you from an amateur to a good kisser.

In the hookup era, millennials tend to have sex as easy as swiping right on Tinder and of course, kissing might not the top priority of many. However, kissing is actually the first and the most important part of any couple’s intimate moment. Kissing is a different ball game and it has numerous things to discover every day.

A Good Kisser
Tips to become a good kisser

In fact, there are a lot of types of kisses as well as kissing positions that we bet you have never tried out. In order to make sure to make your kiss to the fullest, we have compiled tips and tricks that are bound to transform you from an amateur to a professional and good kisser.

Before starting, let’s make clear that a good kiss largely depends on the tension and chemistry between the two. So, we are here with some advice that will help you more confident with the kissing ability regardless of any external situation. Without further ado, kissing 101 session begins now.

Don’t kiss if you aren’t ready

The first and foremost thing for how to become a good kisser is that you have to understand yourself. Yes, YOU WANT TO KISS has to be the thing popping into your mind. Don’t kiss them if you think you should do that at that moment or you want to escape weird pressure. Step out of the race right away as you are not ready and you don’t belong here. Bear in mind that you do not owe anyone so you don’t need to “pay the debt.” A kiss should be from the heart and don’t let the mind control your emotion.

A Good Kisser 2
Understand yourself first

Always respect consent

The permission from your partner is very very important and mastering the “Can I Kiss You?” moment is half the battle. It proves that you actually care about her emotions, her boundaries, and will not do anything if you are not really ready. Remember that you have to be on the same page with your bae before being totally into a passionate makeout.

A Good Kisser 3
Don't kiss if your partner doesn't want it

When and where

A perfect setting is a right time and appropriate place. Do you think a deep and passionate makeout can take place in your grandmother’s house or when you catch the flu? NO, of course. Sometimes, the fruitful result might come quite late and the patience, in this case, is good. Wait until the perfect moment and until you feel the electricity crackling between the two of you.

A Good Kisser 4
When is the most appropriate time?

Fresh breath

If you take your breath for granted, you hardly become a good kisser. Another no less important tip in the 101 kissing session which is relatively easy is to always KEEP BREATH FRESH. We believe that no one wants to kiss a person with bad breath. It’s time to pay more attention to what you eat every day. Yes, avoid foods like onions, garlic, processed cheese, and using mint sugar-free gum is also a good idea.

A Good Kisser 5
No one wants to kiss a person with bad breath

Pay more attention to your partner’s moves

An amateur will never know these small details but in fact, what she does is perhaps also what she actually wants. All you need to do is to slow down a bit and take note of their moves and do it back gently. If your partner responds with enthusiasm, congrats, you got a good message.

Keep the kiss simple

Rubbish all the sexy and dramatic tricks you have read on the Internet as overthinking is the quickest way to turn your would-be-romantic makeout session into something much like a dental cleaning. A good kisser always starts off slow and small.

Which spots you should kiss your bae

The warm-up already ends and it’s time for the advanced session. If you start feeling tired of kissing only the same pecks on the lips, then you can totally move to other places. Go for more unique spots that surely will drive them just as wild. Here are some spots worth a try.

A Good Kisser 6
Which spots?
  • The neck
  • Behind the earlobe
  • Under the jawbone
  • Tip of the nose
  • Shoulder
  • Forehead
  • The dip in the collarbone

Map out the kiss

It seems to be quite weird but a map will ensure your makeout in control and take the kissing game to a higher level.

  • Start at their lips, of course, then kissing down towards the chin, down the jawbone in a very gentle way without tongue, later back to the ear. From this spot, give a little nip into their earlobe or simply whisper something sweet or sexy in their ear.
  • Approach them from behind, kiss their shoulders, and then along the curve towards the ear.
  • Always remember to keep it gentle. Now, it’s time for a sexy forehead kiss. Beginning at the forehead, down to the nose’s slope and finally ending at their lips. We think that your bae is way too ready for a passionate makeout.

Where to place your hands

One of the most common questions is where to put the hands and what are the good spots to keep your hands on. Here are some options:

A Good Kisser 7
Where to put the hands is really important
  • On two sides of their head and later slowly slide into their hair.
  • One behind their neck and the other on the lower back.
  • Both hands resting lightly on your partner’s chest.
  • Both on hips.
  • One or even both hands pull on their shirt’s neck towards you.

Kisses in public

Even a professional kisser also manages to keep their excellent ability under wraps when they are in public. Obvious a hot-and-heavy makeout in the school or office is never cute despite under any circumstances. So, here are the tips for public kisses.

A Good Kisser 8
A forehead kiss is more meaningful than you think
  • Stumbling across each other on the train/bus – a tip of the nose
  • Encountering them when they are sitting – forehead kiss
  • Strolling and holding hands -  knuckle-peck

To conclude, to become a good kisser has never been a big deal. We hope you can get some tips to have a passionate workout. Good luck, my friends!


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