Schoolboy Cries For Forgetting Classroom When Back To School After China Lifted Lockdown

Ankita Chetana |Apr 16, 2020

A schoolboy in grade 5 in China was in a half crying, half laughing situation when he couldn't remember where his class is on the first day of returning to school.

COVID-19 remains to spread dramatically in many countries over the world with a drastic happening. However, some countries such as China and Korea have temporarily managed the pandemic and started to re-open schools for all students and pupils after a long time of the coronavirus lockdown.

China Lift Lockdown
China has lifted the coronavirus lockdown and people has got back to normal life

Along with the eagerness and excitement when meeting teachers and classmates post a period of over 3 months of home quarantine, netizens have shared a series of hilarious moments that are half crying half laughing. One of the most unforgettable cases is about a Chinese schoolboy who could not remember where his class is.

Recently, a video of a schoolboy in China accidentally forgetting the position of his class on the first day of his comeback to school. He wore a schoolbag and a mask and even brought a bucket to clean the classroom. Fortunately, while he was panic and crying, the staff at school helped him to find his class. It is known that he is in grade 5 - the highest grade at primary schools.

Schoolboy Forget His Class
The 5-grade schoolboy in China forgets where his class is

After the video reached social media, it drew a lot of attention as well as sharing from netizens. Numerous people noted that they were also in the same case as the schoolboy. Even many of them can't remember their majorities or the passwords of their company's laptop. The coronavirus lockdown seems to 'erase' some data from various people's brains.

On the other hand, the coronavirus lockdown in India will continue another period of 19 days until May 3, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There are some revised guidelines per states and Union Territories (UTs).

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We hope that India will also get back to normal life as soon as possible. When we keep staying in, we are giving a hand to the fight against the deadly virus.


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