9 Times The Simpsons Predict The Future: The Pandemic, Donald Trump Presidency And More

Salena Harshini |Mar 30, 2020

"The Simpsons" are the famous sitcom said to have the ability of time traveling as they can be witnessed to foresee the future from time to time. Check out 9 eerie parallels we have found out!

The Simpsons is a famous American animated series which has become an iconic symbol of many generations. Apart from its comical chops, The Simpsons became famous for the accurate predictions on real-life events, one of which is Donald Trump becoming the United States’ president.

This time, it seems like the Simpsons predictions strike again after a viewer with eagles eyes pointed out that an episode in 1998 drew parallel with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Simpsons 1
The Simpsons sitcom is said to have the ability of time traveling

In this ep, reporter Kent Brockman has to present his news from home when the characters are forced to follow new curfew orders.

Now, an uncanny situation has happened as newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 had to pose the news from home last week after he engaged in self-isolation.

The latest concidence

Through more than 3 decades with nearly 700 episodes, The Simpsons has created the new yardstick for a whole distinct type of fiction which bridges stranger realities. These striking and unexpected predictions sure surely knock you off the boots.

8 More Times The Simpsons Predictions Become Reality

1. Coronavirus

In the episode of Marge In Chains, a virus named Osaka Flu expands all over Springfield after the residents buy juicers from Japan. The scenes display the juicers getting packed in boxes while sick workers are coughing all over those that will later be sent to America.


A cloud can be seen arising from every box and the town then breaks down from the flu in the coming weeks. The far-eastern virus not only infected the Springfield residence but also swept the planet. Coincidence?

2. Donald Trump presidency

In the episode of Bart to the Future, Lisa is elected as the United States’ president. In the cabinet meeting, Lisa casually said, "We inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump."

The rest? It’s self-explanatory.

One of The Simpsons predictions that shocked the whole world

3. Disney buys 20th Century Fox

In the episode of When You Wish Upon a Star, we can see the logo of 20th Century Fox with a line below as "A Division of Walt Disney Co."

And in June 2018, 20th Century Fox did become a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studios.

Simpson Disney
Simpsons could foresee that Disney will buy 20th Century Fox?

4. Smartwatches

In the episode of Lisa's Wedding, one of the biggest the Simpsons predictions on the future can be seen. Hugh Parkfield, future husband of Lisa, is seen speaking into an eerie-looking device on the wrist. It’s like a combination of a flip phone and a wristwatch which most modern viewers would consider to look like a smartwatch.

Who knew this idea would turn to be true in 2013?

One of the Simpsons predictions that came true

5. Autocorrect

In the episode of Lisa on Ice, we can see Dolph noting the memo on his Apple Newton as "Beat up Martin". The text is then translated into "Eat up, Martha.”

What is obvious here is this function of the iPhone keyboard did go into reality just years later.

Simpson Autocorrec
Modern tale predicted far from the past

6. The Beatles replying belated fan mail

In the episode of Brush with Greatness, Marge Simpson had sent Ringo Starr, her celeb crush, a painting when she was a high school student. Post decades, Ringo finally replies, fulfilling his vow of responding to all fan mails.

This seems to foresee the real even of the living Beatles. In 2013, two Essex-based women got a response from Sir Paul McCartney after 50 years since they sent him a mixtape.

This prophecy becomes reality after 22 years

7. Video chats

Another one among the awe-striking the Simpsons predictions is also Lisa's Wedding episode where one more miraculous invention is witnessed, video chat. The whole episode shows visual communication through a screen instead of phones.

Well, now we have Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout and what not.

Video Chat
Video chat

8. Super Bowl performance by Lady Gaga

In the episode of Lisa Goes Gaga (right from the name!), we see a pop star paying a visit to Springfield. Now we can witness a striking similarity between Gaga’s performance at the 2017 Super Bowl and this particular scene in the Simpsons.

Many have noticed her wired outfit looks so much like that in the animated version and the fact that they are both hanging in the air, just mind-blowing.

Lady Gaga

Do you think these coincidences make sense? It does seem that the Simpsons predictions are not going to stop surprising us anytime soon.

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