Being A Queen Can’t Stop Her Being A Rebel - 6 Times Queen Elizabeth II Broke Royal Rules

Hanima Anand |Mar 02, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II is often viewed as the most decent and respectful woman in the world but she could also be a rebel when breaking these royal protocols!

It’s common knowledge that the royals have to strictly follow a range of long-lasting protocols. It might be due to these various rules that force Harry and Meghan to step out of their royal families. However, the rules were not always adhered to, particularly when it comes to the Queen herself.

Here are 6 times Queen Elizabeth II broke her royal protocols, clearly!

The first royal female to join the military

Queen Elizabeth Ii In Military
The Queen used to work as a mechanic during her military tenure. Photo: Caters News Agency

When she was a Princess in 1945, Queen Elizabeth II joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service. She served as a subaltern along with many other male soldiers. In fact, she was the very first female member of the royal family to join the all-man British army.

Queen Elizabeth Driving Ambulance In The Army
Her Majesty and the ambulance she drove in World War II. Photo: Pinterest

You should also know that during World War II tenure in the army, Queen Elizabeth II drove an ambulance to support injured soldiers.

Queen’s makeup touch up in public

Queen Touch Up Her Makeup
This was the one time she touched up her makeup in public.

To protect the image of royals, they are not supposed to touch up makeup when attending public events. However, Queen Elizabeth II was seen applying more lipstick when she was at the Windsor Horse Show in 1985. The photo went viral shortly after it was published.

She broke rules for her fans

Queen Elizabeth Ii Received Flowers From Public
Only in recent years did Queen receive flowers from the public.

No need to explain, the Queen has one of the biggest fan base in the world but she was restricted to do some activities in front of her people. She was not supposed to receive flowers from others due to security reasons. She wasn’t allowed to give autographs as well because it might be forged.

However, Queen used to break these rules. In 2019, she received a bouquet of flowers from a blogger at her garden party. When she visited Malaysia, she also gave her autographs on the ball of young Manchester United fans.

Queen Give Autographs
The only time Queen gave her fans autographs

Queen encouraged William and Kate to invite their friends to wedding

Usually a royal wedding only invited formal guests such as politicians, but Queen Elizabeth II broke this protocol by encouraging Prince William and his wife Kate to invite their friends first. She even asked them to prioritize these relationships.

William And Kate Wedding
William and Kate were encouraged to invite their friends to their wedding first.

She allowed son and grandson to marry divorcees

Royal families take marriages very seriously and getting married to a divorcee used to be a big no in Buckingham Palace. However, Queen Elizabeth II allowed her son Prince Charles to marry Camilla in 2005 though Camilla’s ex-husband was still living.

Prince Charles And Camilia
Prince Charles and Camilia have been together for years but Queen didn't approve their relationship till 2005.

Her grandson Prince Harry also got married to the divorced American actress Meghan Markle in 2018, which is still a controversial topic till now.

Harry And Meghan
It wasn't difficult for Harry to get permission from the Queen though.

She allowed Charlotte to enter the succession line

The royal protocols used to state that only the first-born boy would be called a Prince and eligible for the succession. However, when Kate gave birth to Charlotte, the Queen signed a patent that allowed Charlotte to be called a Princess. This means she is also in the succession line.

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte often made headlines for her cute behaviours.

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