Princess Diana, Prince Charles, The Taj Mahal And The Denied Kiss

Bhavna Acharya |May 08, 2020

Princess Diana is no doubt a legendary and every single moment and story of her, from the saddest to the brightest one are worth treasure!

Princess Diana is no doubt one of the most beloved royals who became a legend and won the heart of people not only in England but all over the world. Even when she is long gone, her stories are still one of the most talked-about topics. One of the most striking and unforgettable moments of Princess Diana is when she rejected the kiss of her husband Prince Charles in front of the public and there was a long story behind it.  

It was in 1992, the Princess took their world by storm as she turned down Charles when he tried to kiss her after a Polo match in India. That snubbing behavior that staggered both the Royals and the public showed a clear sign that the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was irreversible. Indeed, there was a long story behind Prince Diana’s snub, but the trip to India added fuel to the fire, and here is the season why. 

Princess Diana 4
Princess Diana and Prince Charles

The trip to tear them apart

Before their trip to India in 1992, the marriage between Princes Charles and Princess Diana had faced many problems and the most prominent one was the affair of Prince Charles and his ex-girlfriend Camila. However, Princess Diana decided to let it fall through the crack. She also hoped that their relationship could be healed after the trip to India. 

The young and beautiful Princess asked her husband to visit the Taj Mahal together. As the white ivory mausoleum was the gift of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to his late wife, she expected that they could make a beautiful memory together by visiting this famous symbol of love. However, instead of having a romantic date, Prince Charles broke the promise as well as the heart of his wife as he decided to take part in another event which was thousands of kilometers away. 

Princess Diana At The Taj Mahal
Princess Diana visiting the Taj Mahal without Charles

The photo of the gorgeous Princess sitting all alone in front of the famous mausoleum has broken people’s hearts. Her presence at the Taj Mahal without Prince Charles drew the public ire. When being asked about her feelings when visiting the iconic symbol of love, Princess Diana said that ‘It was a beautiful much healing.”

However, most of us understand that the Princess’ fragile heart, which had been cracked by Prince Charles’ affair, was shattered into pieces as all of her effort to heal their relationship fell into the crack.

Prince Charles With Princess Diana
Princess Diana and Prince Charles relationship faced difficulty before their trip to India

The Prince’s heart didn't belong to the Princess

In fact, before getting married to Princess Diana, Prince Charles visited the Taj Mahal and sat on the same chair. He swore to come back to the place with the one he loved. By refusing to visit the Taj Mahal with Diana, Charles made her realize that the Prince’s heart has never belonged to the Princess.

Prince Charles
Charles once visited the Taj Mahal 12 years before Diana and said that he could take his love here

The devastating truth tore her apart which led Diana to a groundbreaking snub. During that trip to India, Prince Charles took part in a Polo match. Both the Indian and Polo players await the presence of the Princess. She was about to skip the match at first but was convinced to show up at the last minute. Charles’s team won the match and the Prince was seen with a gorgeous smile while the Princess looked tedious on the stand. 

Prince Charles And Princess Diana India Polo
The pair attended a Polo match in India

Diana's snub

When it comes to the award ceremony, the future King of England made a deadly mistake by forgetting not to kiss and appreciate his wife. He soon realized his mistake and walked back to kiss her on the cheek in front of the public’s eyes, however, it was because of his broken promise and his mistakes which made Diana feel so disappointed and upset that she turned away from the kiss.

The kiss, which should be on her cheek, ended up on one side of her ear. The snubbing moment of Princess Diana was captured by hundreds of the camera and stir up the whole world and made Prince Charles and the Royal angry.

Princess Diana Snub Kiss
Charles's kiss landed on her ear instead of her cheek as she turned away to skip it

That denied kiss showed the whole world that nothing can save their relationship from breaking apart. Indeed, the pair separated from each other not so long after their trip to India and finally put an end to their marriage in 1996. The marriage between Prince Charles and Prince Diana which appeared to be a fairytale on the surface turned out to be a sour disaster.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton to rewrite the story

More than 2 decades after Princess Diana’s poignant moment in the Taj Mahal, her elder son Prince William followed her step to visit the symbol of love and recreated the scene with his wife. In their 2016 trip to India, the pair visited the Taj Mahal and sat on the same chair Diana did a quarter-century ago. The picture of them looking happy together was in high contrast with the lonely Diana who ended her marriage a while after the trip. 

Princess Diana Kate Middleton Taj Mahal
Wiliam and Kate to 'live' Diana moment in front of the Taj Mahal

Although he didn’t mention his mother when talking about the trip to Taj, all of us understand that he was fully aware of the role of this place to his family. In fact, visiting the Taj Mahal was the thing William always wanted to do - to honor his late mother’s memory and so soothe her soul.

He also appreciates every visitor who comes to the Taj Mahal in reminiscing with Princess Diana. ‘But this is about the future for them, it’s about looking forward and creating new memories,’ said one of his close source.

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