8 Weird But Sexiest Women Things That Men Can Hardly Resist

Hanima Anand |Jan 22, 2021

Women are the most complex creatures in the world, so don’t try to understand them. These illustrations compile the most typical things of women that you had to agree a hundred times.

If you are a girl, you could easily relate to these typical women moments, but if you are a man, you just wish to have a girlfriend to live with immediately after checking this post. See what you might witness if staying around a woman in the house.

Weird But Sexy Women Things
Guess what your girl is doing when you're not at home!

Steamy bath

Everyone loves bathing in warm water to relax after a stressful day, but women could enjoy a superhot bath while most men could not endure. It’s not simply their preference but some natural characteristics though.

Weird But Sexy Women Things 1

The illustration from artist Yehuda Devir reflects how he feels when bathing with his wife.

Boyfriend shirts

Weird But Sexy Women Things 2
Whatever this woman wears, she looks both playful and sexy at the same time.

Regardless of age, women are crazy about wearing their lovers’ clothes. Admit it, girls look sizzling in an oversized shirt that are borrowed from their boyfriends.

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Supercold feet

Weird But Sexy Women Things 3

Contrary to their overall body temperature, women’s feet are often much colder. If you happen to have such a girlfriend or wife, every winter night you would turn into her feet heater.

Sexiest when being alone

Weird But Sexy Women Things 4
Who could resist this innocent home-alone look from Kylie Jenner?

Believe it or not, girls try putting on the sexiest items when they are alone. You would be amazed by the hottest lingerie women wear to bed when they are all by themselves.

Selfie time

Weird But Sexy Women Things 5
Selena Gomez never lets us down with her natural selfies.

No need to introduce, selfie is now among the most popular activities in every woman’s life. No matter where they are, who they’re with and how they look, just them and a camera could make their entire day.

Hair drying

Weird But Sexy Women Things 6
Keep your nose from bleeding when she starts drying her hair!

Unlike men whose hair might even dry before they walk out of the bathroom, women often spend hours to let their hair dry. From using a hairdryer carefully to make tousled hairstyle to using towel to dry it, this activity is always considered sexy in men’s eyes.

Reading in bed

Weird But Sexy Women Things 7
Reading books in bed is not good for your health, but might do wonders to your relationship.

The list of sexiest women things sounds more and more academic towards the end but don’t you find a girl reading books in bed attractive? Even though we all know that’s not a good habit, we love watching it sometimes.

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