Tom Cruise, Will Smith And More, 15 Famous Actors Who Never Win An Oscar (But Should Have Owned It)

Kanchana Ngan |Apr 28, 2019

There are numerous actors competing for one Oscar prize only. However, these following ones are much better than just nominations.

Oscar seems to be the biggest goal for most artists who devote many years in life to the acting career. Some may succeed, right at the first try. However, not everyone is lucky enough to obtain the only honored prize. Some stars lose the game even when almost everything is inside their hands, leaving the public in disbelief. Here we provide the list of 15 most surprising cases of all time.

Tom Cruise

Oscar Snubs: Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise (Source: Google)

Such a big name in Hollywood surprisingly appears in this list. Despite gaining global recognition with typical characters in Mission: Impossible and a lot more, he can't welcome an Oscar award despite being nominated with some movies, such as Jerry Maguire, Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia.

Amy Adams

Oscar Snubs: Amy Adams
Amy Adams (Source: Google)

If Cruise's never winning makes many people shocked, Amy Adams will undoubtedly be among the most regretful cases of women. Putting best efforts into every role, her excellent on-screen performance is widely admitted. Numerous times being nominated for the prize with Doubt, The Master, American Hustle, etc. can be seen as apparent proof. However, everything just stops here. Multiple nominations, yet no wins have been achieved.

Sir Ian McKellen

Oscar Snubs: Ian Mckellen
Ian McKellen (Source: Google)

This is such a shame not to have his name in the winner list. However, it's generally agreed that the veteran actor does not need Oscar validation to prove his talent and dedication through the years.

4- Sigourney Weaver

Oscar Snubs: Sigourney Weaver
Sigourney Weaver (Source: Google)

The experienced actress has had three times nominated for Aliens, Working Girl and Gorillas in the Mist, but regretfully lost to Geena Davis, Jodie Foster, and Marlee Matlin, respectively.

Will Smith

Oscar Snubs: Will Smith
Will Smith (Source: Google)

The handsome Fresh Prince captures thousands of fans' hearts through various characters in different movie genres. His passion and attempt in acting are rewarded by valuable prizes such as Best Actor recognition for Ali (2002) or The Pursuit of Happiness (2007). However, once again, no Oscar awards are claimed here.

Scarlett Johansson

Oscar Snubs: Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson (Source: Google)

Scarlett Johanson, the world's highest-paid actress, owns a significant number of movie roles for herself, yet surprisingly none of them has received appreciation from the Academy. They've never seen Lost in Translation, her debut film which won her the Best Actress prize in BAFTA award, not to mention many other outstanding projects she's participated in.

Brad Pitt

Oscar Snubs: Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt (Source: Google)

Technically it's untrue to say that Brad Pitt has never won an Academy award before. However, the prize's for his production in 12 Years a Slave, but not a single one for his acting roles. He's been nominated only three times, and even Fight Club isn't present here in this list. Something strange and hard to understand for the whole public.

Marilyn Monroe

Oscar Snubs: Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe (Source: Google)

No matter how many prizes the amazing actress did obtain from other film awards, Oscar never called out her name to be a winner or even a nomination.

Edward Norton

Oscar Snubs: Edward Norton
Edward Norton (Source: Google)

Regarded as one of his generation's most talented actors, Edward Norton, for sure, has received numerous awards even including a Golden Globe once. However, the Academy Award still doesn't give him a nod despite having him nominated several times for Birdman, American History X and Primal Fear.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Oscar Snubs: Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer (Source: Google)

Throughout her glittering career, Michelle Pfeiffer owns three nominations for herself, including Dangerous Liaisons, Love Field and The Fabulous Baker Boys. However, based on audience's critics, it's her flawless performance as Catwoman in Batman Returns that is genuinely worth an Oscar prize.

Michael B. Jordan

Oscar Snubs: Michael B Jordan
Michael B. Jordan (Source: Google)

Another name that needs to be mentioned is Michael B. Jordan. No need to consider his other movies, only Fruitvale Station is more than excellent. And the fact that the Academy failed to recognize this masterpiece proves mistakes happen.

Jessica Chastain

Oscar Snubs: Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain (Source: Google)

She did make successful comebacks in 2012 and 2013 as being nominated for The Help and Zero Dark Thirty, but her talents were not recognized yet. Even blockbusters like Molly's Game, Miss Sloane and A Most Violent Year have been ignored.

Samuel L. Jackson

Oscar Snubs: Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson (Source: Google)

The veteran actor owns more than 180 acting credits under his name. However, it's confusing why none of it helps to bring him an Oscar award. In 1995, he received a nomination for his role in Pulp Fiction, yet lost it to Martin Landau in Ed Wood the movie.

Alfre Woodard

Oscar Snubs Alfre Woodard
Alfre Woodard (Source: Google)

Compared to the huge number of movies she has participated in, Alfre Woodard, too many people's disbelief, has been nominated only once and lost that time. The nomination was even over 3 decades ago!

Liam Neeson

Oscar Snubs: Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson (Source: Google)

He is considered a soul of action movies with years of experience joining numerous different projects. How can't he win even a prize? Maybe no one knows the answer except the Academy themselves.


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