10 Celebrity Siblings That Are Voted The Most Beautiful Of Showbiz

Leela Adwani |Jan 13, 2021

Talented, gorgeous, rich, and famous are common words to describe these 10 duos of celebrity siblings! See who are voted the most beautiful in the entertainment industry by netizens worldwide!

Celebrity siblings in the entertainment world prove that talent and beauty do run in the same family in some cases. Many pairs share the screen space in movies and television series, others walk the ramp together or simply both of them shine like bright stars at every public event they attend together.

Celebrity Siblings Duos
Top 10 most beautiful celebrity siblings by Starbiz

These top 10 famous sibling duos surely already have a place in your heart.

1. Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner

The relationship of Kendall (25) and Kylie (23) is so close that many people think they are twins. They are the sister, best friend, and also soul mate of each other. Rising to fame thanks to the high-viewership reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall are the two youngest members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner At Met Gala
Kendall and Kylie are one of the most famous celebrity siblings in the world.

In the past, Kendall was often paid more attention for her impressive appearance. However, with a remarkable Kylie Jenner's transformation, the younger sister is even more popular than the former now. Kendall is pursuing her modeling career as a supermodel while her little sister becomes a cosmetic mogul with her own brand Kylie Cosmetic.

2. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Used to be one of the hottest and most-loved sibling pairs in Disney, the Sprouse bros won the heart of millions of teen girls. They were two of the wealthiest children in 2007 and the highest-paid teenage actors in Disney in 2010.

Dylan And Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse dyes his hair when he gets older while Dylan stays loyal to his original color.

However, during their heyday, the duo decided to pursue higher education at New York University. After a long hiatus, in 2018, our then Disney crush Cole Sprouse was back and once again stole our heart as Jughead Jones in the hit series Riverdale. Meanwhile, his twin brother doesn’t appear in any film project but becomes a co-owner of the All-Wise Meadery.

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3. Chris and Liam Hemsworth

Another high-profile celebrity siblings duo is none other than Australian hulks Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth. Best known for his breakthrough role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Christopher Hemsworth is currently one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

Chris And Liam Hemsworth At A Public Event
Chris and Liam Hemsworth are considered husband-material of many women.

His younger brother Liam Hemsworth who was born in 1990 is also touted as the national crush. Starring in The Last Song, The Hunger Games series, and Independence Day: Resurgence, this actor is loved by everyone. He is also popular for his relationship history. Liam Hemsworth's on-off romance with Miley Cyrus was among the most discussed love stories in town in a decade.

4. Gigi and Bella Hadid

The list of most beautiful celebrity siblings of showbiz cannot complete without mentioning sister duo Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. Both of them are the top models in the industry and also the Internet sensations. They have a massive fan base on social media and the role models of youngsters.

Gigi And Bella Hadid On The Runway
The Hadid sisters always grab eyeballs at every event they attend.

5. Scarlett Johansson and twin brother Hunter

Superstar Scarlett Johansson, the highest-paid and richest Hollywood actress 2020, may steal all the spotlight with her movie but her twin brother, Hunter, grabs eyeballs with his height and heartbreakingly handsome appearance. The fact is that Hunter is nearly one foot taller than his sister.

Hunter Johansson Scarlett Johansson At An Event
Yes, Scarlette and Hunter Johansson are indeed twins

Little do we know that they are so close to each other even though Hunter maintains a low-key profile on social media. Scarlet has brought her brother to many high-scale red carpet events. They are hands down one of the most beautiful sibling pairs in the entertainment industry.

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6. Chris Evans and Scott Evans

Hollywood heartthrob Chris Evans is also called the man in dreams of millions of fangirls. If Chris Evans is always reticent about his marriage plan, the good news is that his younger brother Scott Evans is still single (and maybe ready to mingle). However, he is openly gay and already came out when he was 19.

Chris Evans And Brother Scott Evans
OMG, can't get enough of that dapper

For those who are unversed, Scott Evans (37) is also an actor. He is best known for his role as a police officer Oliver Fish in the opera soap One Life to Live.

7. Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning

Another young celebrity siblings pair that rules the heart of everyone is Dakota and Elle Fanning. Dakota (26) is a starlet who quickly rose to stardom at the age of seven only thanks to her work in the film I Am Sam in the year 2001. She is not only a talented actress but a much sought-after model.

Dakota Fanning And Elle Fanning
The stunningly beautiful celebrity siblings Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning

Meanwhile, Elle Fanning (22) also follows her big sister’s footsteps to pursue an acting career. Her breakthrough role came in the year 2011 when she starred in Super 8.

8. Penélope Cruz and Mónica Cruz

Penélope is, no need for introduction, one of the most prominent names in the tinsel town. She has appeared in a wide variety of movies from different genres.

Penelope Cruz And Monica Cruz
Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz stand out with their unique beauty.

Her sister Mónica is a more low-profile one. She also started her career as an actress but couldn’t fly high as her sister.

9. Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas

Stella is the half-sister of Dakota but their relationship is extremely close. If Dakota makes men go weak at the knee with her performance in movies, especially in the erotic series Fifty Shades but soon breaks their hearts with her engagement news with Cold Play singer Chris Martin, then her sister Stella (24) is also way too gorgeous. Especially, she is single now.

Dakota Johnson And Stella Banderas
Dakota Johnson is also a close friend of her sister Stella Banderas

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10. Karlie Kloss and Kimberly

Karlie is no stranger to the modeling industry. The 28-year-old American fashion model was declared as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue Paris. She was also a leading Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Karlie Kloss And Kimberly
We're sure that both Karlie Kloss and Kimberly make men go weak at the knees

If you are obsessed with the beauty of the supermodel, you will be even more amazed by that of her sister Kimberly. However, she doesn’t share much on social media.

It goes without saying that 10 celebrity siblings pairs are each a star in their own field. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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