Tie-Dye Fashion Trend Has Made A Spectacular Comeback This 2019’s Summertime

Laavanya Hien |Jun 17, 2019

Tie-dye outfit has made a spectacular comeback this 2019’s summertime and made room in wardrobes of myriad desi as well as international stars.

The year of 2019 makes it a perfect time for the different fashion trends to present their fruitfulness. Especially, this mid-year has witnessed a spectacular comeback of the awesome retro trend which has been surfacing the Instagram feeds.

Amid this trend, it’s worth spending a few words for the tie-dye outfit that has made room in wardrobes of myriad desi as well as international stars. Alongside such clothing, a high-end makeover also takes renowned celebrities by the storm.

tie dye Ananya Pandey
Photo: hindustantimes.com

Two Hollywood stars Gigi and Justin Bieber are the ones to lead the way in sporting this trend. Moreover, such Bollywood celebs as Ananya Pandey and Karan Johar have been lately seen slaying in tie-dye patterns with easy-breezy and groovy clothing. For sure, those kinds of patterns will greatly impress any of us and are amazing outfits to wear this summertime.

Source: Instagram

Famous designer Nachiket Barve is no exception to this trend as she shared his thought, “The print is just cheerful, and carefree, gives us lots of boho-vibes”. He continues to express that it’s unforeseeable to realize the beauty of tie-dye trend and “the result is spontaneous and the whole process is enjoyable that you even don’t know how it’s going to turn out”.

The print is being recreated by Shubhika Davda, a Mumbai-based designer who has thought of a new idea for how to style tie-dye trend. According to Shubhika, tailoring one leheriya bomber jacket together with thigh-high boots will definitely make heads turn and mark a captivating point on the entire appearance.

tie dye fashion trend
Photo: Instagram

What’s more, she also says that they made a great attempt to make tie-dye become globally popular with a mix of the bomber jacket for the outfit to be suitable for not only summer but also winter. And, this creative idea has been a twist for the whole Indian artworks.

When it comes to this matter, Vikram Seth reveals that multiple deluxe fashion brands, including Stella McCartney and Prada showcased this tie-dye fashion trend it is now at the center of attention in India’s fashion industry.


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