The Ali Khan Genes Are No Joke. Check Out These Adorable TBT Pictures For Vindication!

Aesha |Oct 16, 2019

Check out these adorable photos of the Royals, the Ali Khan - Taimur, Sara, and Ibrahim Ali Khan and spot how similar they look.

Talking about Taimur Ali Khan, what immediately pops in our head is hundreds of words like “cutie”, “pumpkin”, “munchkin”… and the fact he is an adorable kid is completely undeniable. Taimur receives a lot of attention as he is the youngest prince of the Pataudi family. From the airport to his playschool, paps seem to be really averse to him.

At the recent held 2019 MAMI festival, Kareena Kapoor Khan said, "He(Taimur) thinks paps are his friends. But when I want to take his photo, he says 'Amma, no pictures'". b who quizzed Kareena with the earlier question humorously responded that Taimur though his mom is Viral Bhayani.

Taimur Story Compressed

Saif Ali Khan has also shared about his little son being snapped, "Taimur is very happy, he is the least interested... No pictures please, he started saying it as well. He doesn’t like being photographed."

Lately, Sara Ali Khan has wished her father a happy birthday and the actress also shared a number of endearing throwback photos of herself and Saif. In the snaps, she looks greatly similar to her brothers Taimur and Ibrahim as they possess the same eyes inherited from their father.

Saif Ali Khan And His Children Sara Ibrahim Taimur

Now, let’s all take a look at the throwback pictures of the Ali Khan siblings that will definitely go smitten for the cuteness.

The big princess

Sara1 the ali khan

Sara always looks endearing even in her toddler period. The star can be seen feeding her abba Saif in this #tbt snap.

"What is happening between Salman Khan and Ibrahim here?", one might wonder


It looks like there was quite an intense talk between the two in this picture.

No words to describe those eyes

Taimur Ya

Taimur Ali Khan poses with Inaya, his cousin, after a fun play date.

Interesting is the word to describe Ibrahim's expressions


In this snap, Ibrahim looks either annoyed or unhappy with something.

Ice-struck with Abba

Taimur Saif

Taimur seems a bit dazed by the white snow while daddy Saif is having a fun time of his life.

Sara Ali Khan is a cutie pie in this frame with her dad

Sara2 the ali khan

The star gets more and more beautiful as time passes by.

Learning to swim with Dad

Taimur Saif1

Taimur Ali Khan enjoys a swimming lesson alongside Saif.

The genes of the Pataudi

Saif Kids

Again, the Pataudi genes are no joke. This elating portrait of Saif and his three beautiful kids Sara, Ibrahim and Taimur make everyone can’t help but gush over their beauty.

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