Sonam Kapoor about Her Sex Life: Neither Handcuffs Nor Blindfolds

Author |Sep 14, 2018

It is quite rare to get the ultimate secrets from stars: about their sex life..

Sonam Kapoor is ready to share openly about her sex life. She has always been known for her sassiness and interesting revelations. So Sonam gave the audience some serious 'whoa' at her recent interview!

Sonam Kapoor is mostly known for her role in the 'Veere Di Wedding'. Recently Sonam appeared as a guest on the web show 'Feet Up With The Stars' with fashion designer Anaita Shroff Adajania as host. Talking so frankly about her sex life - and love life - with Anand Ahuja, Sonam surprised everyone with some serious secrets!

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When Anand Tried Setting Her Up With His Bestie

Did you know that Anand Tried Setting Her Up With His Bestie?

Yes, that happened! Sonam Kapoor reveals that her lover did try to give his best friends a go with her. This has brought about her being set up with this guy - whom she does not name specifically. Even though this guy is seriously cute and nice, and still available, there was no chemistry!

"He tried to set me up with one of his best friends. So bad. .. He's still available. But there wasn't that vibe."

She Further Added...

The Secrets Keep Coming ...

Sonam explained that she has been basically conned during the promotion of 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo'. She was invited to a dinner where Anand unexpectedly showed up with this guy.

And.. Here's How Sonam & Anand Bonded

And.. The True Lovers Found their Way to Each Other's Heart

"And I ended up speaking with Anand the whole evening." Talking about chemistry! Both Sonam and Anand met for the very first time that day, and even though Anand loves his friend dearly, he could not resist the chemistry with Sonam!

 Sonam On How Anand Proposed To Her

Proposal? Here's what Sonam Tells Us

Are you expecting a romantic proposal like the ones we see in movies? Yes, that was exactly what happened. Sonam said they were on their way back to the hotel when "he just got down from his bike on his knee in the middle of New York streets, "Will you marry me?'

Too overwhelmed with love and happiness, Sonam got down on her own knees as well. She said, 'Of course. What are you doing?" Well, what a sweet moment for this couple!

Here's What Anand Replied

And Anand Replied..

When Sonam asked him what he was doing, Anand said, ‘This is what I want to get married to."

Claiming that she is herself a psycho, Sonam wistfully shared that she does not fully understand why Anand loves her, even though sometimes she is amazing. Well, most of the time she is!

Sonam Also Revealed Anand Loved Her Even More When She Gained Weight

With Love, Weight is Never a Problem!

Sonam revealed Anand loves her a little more when she puts on some weight. After the wedding, Sonam gained some weight because of the holiday with not many exercises. Looking at his wifey, Anand adorably said, "You're looking like an anjeer (fig), it's so cute.'

Trying hard not to show her heart filled with love, Sonam scolded Anand for promoting the size. She explains that she needs to look hot always as an actress.

Sonam Also Revealed A Few Bedroom Secrets

And Here We Are... A Few Bedroom Secrets...

The speed of the questions coming was intense. It got to the part where Sonam is asked to share their 'bedroom secrets'. The actress claims that her corsets are actually her kinkiest wardrobe items. She chose orgasm over foodgasm, lights on over off, dirty talk over role play. And nope, neither handcuffs nor blindfolds excite her. Hmm, this gives us even more curious!


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