Sara Ali Khan's 10 Rare Photos From Childhood Years

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 12, 2019

As Sara Ali Khan achieves more and more success in acting career, her personal life is also paid huge attention. Below are her 10 precious throwback photos.

Sara Ali Khan is considered the rising new star of Bollywood for specific reasons. Not only is she known for being the beloved daughter of the actor - actress couple Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, but she also shines on her own. Sara's brilliant acting skills are widely appreciated in two debut movies, namely Kedarnath directed by Abhishek Kapoor and Simmba by Rohit Shetty. Both of them were released in December, which proved the year 2018 to be hugely successful for her. Besides, the star kid's flawless appearance and youthful smile will definitely impress you no matter which age or gender you are.

Luckily, fans can continually enjoy Sara Ali Khan's beauty through numerous pictures uploaded and shared on Instagram by herself. We bring you Sara's 10 precious childhood ones that will immediately melt your heart.

1 - The little cutie pie


Being as chubby and adorable as a little child can be, she steals our heart simply with her big round eyes and pretty face figure. Another significant point in the photo claims to be this father-daughter duo's intimacy since the early days. Saif is giving a peck and showering Sara with his love. These two recently made her appearance on Karan Johar's chat show and once again proved their affection on each other despite generation's gap.

2 - Quality time beside Mom and Dad


This picture of Sara Ali Khan together with mother Amrita Singh and father Saif Ali Khan will undoubtedly bring the feeling of nostalgia about childhood memories out of everyone. The whole family are hand in hand and smiling happily with each other, which is, indeed, one of the most beautiful and moving scenes to see. The star's parents got divorced several years ago. But according to Sara, it was a wise and peaceful separation for the sake of both of them. They were energetic and cool people, but only individually, not when being together.

3 - Cozy family union


Speaking about Saif - Amrita couple's separation, numerous people may still feel regretful. As a result, each picture showing the family together as a whole becomes more and more priceless. In the photo above, even Sara's brother Ibrahim Ali Khan is presented, which is undoubtedly a special treat for fans. The celebrity reveals trendy fashion sense right at her very young age, combining red-striped camisole shirt with denim jacket tied around the waist. Besides, her closeness with Dad Saif is, one more time, emphasised when we can see Sara sitting on the latter's shoulder and posing a warm smile.

4 - Memory with Mom Amrita and brother Ibrahim


The trio is all on a smile as posing for this lovely picture. It can be seen clearly from this photo that the star kid inherits much of her beauty from her Mom, Amrita Singh, from thin yet sharp eyebrows to big rounded eyes and admiring straight nose. Sara and her younger brother Ibraham, who are twining in red in the photo, still hold a close bond despite their parents' divorce.

5 - Event participation together with Mom Amrita


Here the mother-daughter duo is seen attending an event and sitting next to each other. As proved in the photo, Sara has an intimate relationship with not only Dad Saif but also her mother, Amrita. As confessed by herself during Kedarnath movie's promotions, mom plays an essential part in her life, helping to form her identity and characteristics, as well as teaching her about the responsibility of a celebrity. Without Amrita's attempts, Sara says she and brother Ibrahim can barely obtain realistic manner like today.

6 - Friendship embrace


This picture having Sara Ali Khan lovingly hugging her friend is right now spreading on the internet. Fans are in love with her adorable expressions and grumpy face, which is believed to be inherited from both Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan's outstanding features. The image of her wearing glasses is commented to be cute and still energetic, not like a bookworm at all. Sara is also said to have a good social network, and well maintain them, all of which thanks to her generous, outgoing and lovable identity.

7 - Cute picture with younger brother Ibrahim


Ibrahim Ali Khan follows his family tradition to work on entertainment, particularly the acting field. He joked that he even made earlier screen debut than his sister because he already appeared in Tashan (2008). The above photo is, no doubt, a meaningful gift for the siblings' core fans. As said above, the sister and younger brother still maintain an affectionate relationship, regularly hanging out and taking cute pictures together.

8 - A chubby teenager


Sara Ali Khan was seen to be chubby during her teenage days. To successfully enter Bollywood, the diva strictly followed healthy diets and exercise programs. Her weight loss journey was not an easy one but requiring an excessive amount of effort and consistent determination. Sharing about the issue on Karan Joha's chat show where she attended with dad Saif, Sara said that she had worked really hard to lose those annoying fat and pounds. Take her almost daily gym photos and videos as obvious proof for that attempt. And eventually, hard work pays off as she now owns healthy and beautiful body figure which makes many envious. Despite being now a famous star, she never forgets to work hard and keep her weight in control.

9 - Attendance at Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's wedding


The actress shines brightly and gorgeously at her father's second wedding. Recently, Sara Ali Khan opened up about the event, revealing that it was her mother Amrita who dressed her for the occasion. She came to the wedding with a happy heart and a sincere congratulation for the couple. Saif further added that he also wished for Amrita's appearance, and she really showed up with the same positive spirit as her beloved daughter.

10 - Priceless moments with Dad Saif


This picture of Sara Ali Khan walking closely with her father recently attracts attention from the public. Despite having another young son with the current marriage, the actor still pays lots of attention to Sara and Ibrahim. When being asked about his role on daughter's acting career, he spoke about the advice given to her, in which the actress was recommended to concentrate on art, learning from prominent people such as Aamir Khan and set her own rules.

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