Sara Ali Khan Believes Her Youngest Brother Taimur Ali Khan Is The Biggest Star Of The Family

Bindhiya Nhi |Jan 24, 2019

Sara Ali Khan is showing her love to her youngest brother Taimur Ali Khan. She thinks that he is now the most famous one in the Ali Khan family.

Saif Ali Khan is very passionate when it comes to his three beloved children. He makes sure that Sara Ali Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan together with the youngest Taimur Ali Khan will have the best things in their lives.

Via the social media, we can see that all of Saif Ali Khan's children are having a strong bond and sharing their beautiful moments together. Being the oldest sister in the family, Sara usually shares her genuine love for the youngest Taimur. In the Rakshabandhan last year, for the first time Sara posted her moments with Taimur on her own Instagram account and the pictures are just extremely cute.

Sara Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan in the Rakhi celebrations.

Lately, in an interview with Filmfare, Sara received a question about her little brother Taimur. She was asked whether Taimur is the most famous one in the Ali Khan family. The Kedarnath actress agreed entirely with that cute question.

Screenshot 323

In another interview, Sara also shared her thoughts on her brothers Ibrahim and Taimur.

Screenshot 324

Sara also expressed that she could not wait until Taimur grow up to strengthen the bond with him.

Saif Ali Khan and his three beloved children.

Sara was also asked what was the present that her youngest brother Taimur gave her in celebration of Rakshabandhan. She replied that Taimur gave her Rs.51, but it did not matter as he is the youngest one in the family. She was happy that they could celebrate Rakhi together and had such a joyful time.

Sara Ali Khan made her debut in the industry with Kedarnath and Simmba in 2018. Both of the movies has guaranteed that Sara would have a promising career in the future as she was highly-praised for her acting skill.


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