Omung Kumar On "PM Narendra Modi" Movie: It Has Nothing To Do With Propaganda!

Priyansh Ha |May 29, 2019

Omung Kumar B also revealed why he chose actor Vivek in the lead role of "PM Narendra Modi" movie despite the huge age differences.

Featuring Vivek Oberoi in the lead role, Omung Kumar B’s PM Narendra Modi is a biopic which is based on the life of Narendra Modi, the 14th Prime Minister of India. Talking about his film, Omung Kumar B says that his film has nothing to do with propaganda. He also added that and it is their intention to release the movie during the election season. He also added that it is their intention releasing the movie during the election season so it will grab more attention.

Being well-known for his biopics like Sarabjit and Mary Kom, the director believes that he has portrayed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as exactly as he was in real life. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Omung Kumar B also opened up about his decision of choosing Vivek for the film and why it could never be propaganda.

Omung Kumar On Pm Narendra Modi
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He Expects PM Narendra Modi’s Victory To Do Wonders For The Film

According to the director, that would be a smart move if they could release the movie right in the midst of the election. If PM Modi wins the second term, it will have a huge effect on the film as the whole country will be in the celebratory mood.

In fact, they planned to release it right before the election as it would be a one-of-a-lifetime opportunity thanks to the political relevance, just like people making a cricket film to release it before the World Cup. However, it was such a pity that the film was postponed.

He Chose Vivek For The Role Despite The Age Difference

Age is just something prosthetic on films. That’s why his age doesn’t do a matter. As Omung Kumar B wants to make the film in his own style instead of a political one, Vivek happened to be his most suitable choice. He also sees that Vivek is a great actor. Even when the 42-year-old actor only does a few films, it is not about the quantity but the quality which matters.

Why PM Narendra Modi?

After the two successful biopics Mary Kom and Sarabjit, the director took people by surprise when he chose PM Narendra Modi as his next project. Opening up about his reasons, Omung Kumar B believes that it is a powerful story which can inspire people. How can someone know a child will become the prime minister of the country 50 years in advance? The zero-to-hero story stirs him up and Omung knows this is exactly what he wants to show in his film.

To Those Who Call It A Propaganda Film

As it came around the election season, the movie is mistaken as propaganda, especially when it tells the story of the ruling prime minister. However, the movie has nothing to do with propaganda. The producers haven’t been paid to make it. Indeed, they had to struggle and suffer from losses while making this film, especially when it was postponed. If PM Narendra Modi were propaganda, it wouldn’t be banned as they would be backed up.

Omung also added that the ultimate motivation for him to make this film is the inspiring life of PM Narendra Modi. He is a true hero who overcame a lot of things in life to become the PM of India. What Omung has made is not just a documentary but a film with cinematic values that will give audience goosebumps. It is exactly what he did to his previous biopics.

Watch the movie trailer here:

He Had Portrayed PM Narendra Modi In Both Positive And Negative Way

While there are several reviews saying that the Vivek’s character was portrayed only on the upside, Omung stated that he has shown both sides of his character. However, it was the positivity which outweighed as his life was positive in general.  


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