Kareena Kapoor States She Can Only Be Sara and Ibrahim's Friend, Never Be Their Mother

Priyansh Ha |Dec 01, 2018

Kareena Kapoor lately has opened up on her opinions on MeToo movement and gender parity, she also reveals the relationship with her stepchildren Sara and Ibrahim

In the launching ceremony of her new show, What Women Want, Kareena Kapoor lately has opened up about her opinions on MeToo movement and gender parity. According to the actress, the importance of having a safe work environment for everyone is undeniable. 

“We are openly having discussion today. The fact that there are so many women, who have come out and spoken, that’s a start. The fact is earlier people hadn’t spoken for years,” said Kareena.

The actress also expresses her appreciation for women who have come out, stood up and told their story. Those women have inspired the society to create a safer working environment for everyone.  

Everyone Needs To Be Safe At Work

As per Kareena, either the smallest or biggest stars in the industry need the security at work.“Whoever it is, big or small, it has to be safe. It doesn’t matter whether you are the biggest superstar or the smallest, women have to be secure. And the most important thing is that we have to keep this momentum going. We have to keep the conversation alive and once we do that, a lot will change,” said the actress. She also believed that if we can remain the momentum and keep it going, this can make a huge impact on the society as well as every woman’s life.


Kareena And Her Stepchildren Ibrahim And Sara

In an earlier interview with Mumbai Mirror, the actress also talked about family - her son Taimur and her stepchildren Ibrahim Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan (Saif’s children). The actress reveals that Kareena would be shocked if she calls him ’Choti maa’.

“I can only hope and pray for the best for her. I have always said this to Saif, Sara and Ibrahim that I can only be their friend, I can never be their mother because they already have an amazing mother who’s brought them up spectacularly. I’m meant to be their friend. I love them dearly and whenever I am wanted or my advice needed, I’m there for both at any point in their life,”  said the actress.

She also expressed her thought about the constant attention of media towards her son Taimur. “Taimur can’t run away from his popularity and neither can his parents. When I saw the doll, I wondered what I was supposed to say. But Saif pointed out that it’s because people love him so much and such things are a blessing for him. There is so much of genuine warmth for our son that it’s bad to stop people from clicking his pictures or making his dolls," she said.


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