Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor Khan: For The Actress, Stepmother Is Not A Stepmother

Nalini Suri |Sep 22, 2019

Being a stepmother sounds arduous to many people but Kareena Kapoor Khan has switched the stepmother system to Ibrahim and Sara Ali Khan and donated her love to them.

Kareena Kapoor Khan in the tinsel town is considered as an admirable actress and stylish sensation years over years. She has been writing the successful pages on her professional life and after her marriage with Saif Ali Khan, the diva has carved another illustrious image of a decent stepmother.

Everyone counts a harsh value on the relationship between a stepmother and her husband’s children, however, this doesn’t happen always. Kareena together with Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim have proved it as they have posted a mutual equation around virally.

Sara, Ibrahim, Kareena Kapoor Khan celebrate Saif Ali Khan's birthday

Under the maturity pending from Sara, the starlet came to respect to her stepmother:


kareena kapoor with ibrahim
Kareena Kapoor's moment with Ibrahim Khan

What we can see here is Sara’s mature image, but more than that, if Kareena doesn’t treat her well, how can she pays tribute to her stepmother. Stepmotherhood is a long process requiring the stepmother to gradually understand and share with the stepchildren, for a warmer family.

During an interview with Mumbai Mirror in 2018, Kareena opened up the same echo:


kareena kapoor with sara ali khan and ibrahim
Kareena Kapoor Khan shares a happy time with her family

There used to be some rumors that Kareena doesn’t hold any connections or warm vibes to Amrita Singh’s children but later, the truth reached the light. They have been sharing a lot of close moments together through some party time and events where Bebo gave winged words to ‘supremely talented’ Sara.

The first vow to refilling stepchildren’s emotions is that Kareena has to put priority to make her husband happy. Post that, she can comfort the heavy atmosphere and break the icy blast of the relationship. As a result of the gorgeous actress’s love, Sara called her in a beloved way as ‘K’ or 'Kareena'. Sara revealed:


kareena kapoor khan and sara ali khan

Kareena once praised her stepdaughter:


Taimur and Sara Ali Khan
Sara Ali Khan helps Kareena Kapoor Khan to take care of little Taimur

A mother would be the best protector for her children, a stepmother like Bebo can also do that. Not only Sara or Ibrahim can rely on her, but the 39-year-old actress also has Saif’s children taken up the diaper duties to care for Taimur Ali Khan. The sweetness they give is an obvious proof of their respectable relationship among the motherhood of people who don’t share the same blood.


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